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Virgin Smasher

Gore Screaming Show

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I saw a bit on this one and it seemed relatively cool, sadly the translation fizzled out but an interesting game none the less. I've always liked the dark visual novels...Muv-Luv anyone?

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On 3/31/2020 at 8:10 AM, MahouShoujoKyuuketsuki said:

Hello! "⍝ (/( ≧ᆺ≦ )⌒

I seriously logged in right now to write a comment on this post because I found out about your partial translation of this VN. 
Never expected to meet you directly xD
I'm almost completely ignorant about japponic so I can't be of any help, but I support your work with my mind and soul! 
I suggest you go to their discord and bring up the discussion on the forum, tho. 
I'm basically the last remaining here :tehee:

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