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Hello! Greetings from Chile!

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Hi guys, I want give us the thanks for your new project.
I´m from Chile (Latin America) and I have some difficulties to write in english but I gonna tried to make you guys can understand me.
I´m love Visual novels and after read the news of this project in Fuwanovel I wanna say that now I very glad heard about your new project
Until now I only know Sekai project but I dislike it because they never heard the opinions of the buyers and always announces a lot of titles but they have n/a date for years and your must purchase the uncensored patch...

Well, I look forward for the physical release of Sanoba Witch >w<, I very happy because until now only mangagamer have physical releases but almost every of ther project are hentai games, so I verry happy because finally I can have physical version in english and don´t have to buy the japanese version.

I hope in a future spanish language can be added to your projects.

Also, about the physical releases, they can be paid with paypal? and they are gonna be limited or not?

Thanks for advance and best regards! ^^

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Welcome to the forum and don't worry I perfectly understand your English :)
We are still figuring out how we will handle how we sell the physical copies but of course you will all be noticed in advance on what we decide!

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