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Advice for a computer chair that won't strain my neck and is comfortable on my butt

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Hey guys I've been having this issue for finding a good computer chair for home.

So when I moved to my new apartment last July, I was able to use chair I had until like a month ago when it started to hurt my buttocks even when I sat on it for not even 10 minutes:


So I decided to look for a new one and got the same one I have at my work (around 200 dollars):

But the problem is sitting on it for like 5-10 minutes strains my neck. If I stay on it longer, my whole neck hurts like hell.

I looked for a chair on IKEA that had good reviews and got it also for around $200:

However I'm also getting similar neck issues. I think the issue with both is when I sit back, they both tilt my head forwards which causes the strain in neck since it's not in line with my spine.

If it's worth noting I've had back issues growing up but thanks to massage/chiropractor/acupuncture therapy that's gotten better. However my neck, shoulders, and glutes have been in bad shape.

I'm starting to wonder if my home desk positioning is part of it. I try to at setup my desk so I'm looking straight at my screen and not down:

I'm just really sick of wasting money and not being able to enjoy relaxing at my computer at home. It's literally more comfortable sitting at work and I'm starting to wonder if there's something wrong with me. Before I make a new purchase I want advice so I'm not just constantly trying out chairs that won't work for me.

If anyone has any advice or like provide a pic of what they're chair looks like if it mostly works for them that'd be great, thanks!

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Honestly, from my experience, office chairs just don't work out for me at home. And its same thing at work for me. I sit on a cheap office chair at work and its more less fine, but when I come back home to rest its really annoying to sit even in a more expensive office chair. In the end I went with soft chair and holy hell its 100x more comfortable. If you have neck/back problems I really recommend looking into proper soft chair (not sure how they called exactly, maybe armchair?). Now, the problem is of course,  it will usually not fit for PC setup. So you might also have to find a different table for this setup. In my case, since those chairs are usually lower, the front of flat surface of my table is longer, its almost goes over it, so I can use mouse and keyboard pretty comfortably even while been sunk in soft comfy chair. I usually play with a controller tho, even VNs, its easy to rebind some controls for them on PC.

The chair I have is one like this , you can even unfold it to have like a leg holder or even into bed :D.  Its was also one of the higher chairs to sit on and its actually not really big, so it fits for PC setup a bit more. Also, I forgot to mention that I bought a chair raiser for it like this, to make it even more higher, since I couldn't find table low enough to fit my space.

If you want to look into it more, just go to your local furniture shop and sink your ass in some comfy chairs, your back might lead you to a answer :).

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Alright, just wanna say that I don't know much on chairs or how to prevent neck/back pain, so sorry if this isn't that useful. From what I've read though, you should be looking for a chair with a proper 'ergonomic design.' Basically, ergonomics are:  Design factors, as for the workplace, intended to maximize productivity by minimizing operator fatigue and discomfort. And, well, that sounds like just what you're looking for.

I recommend reading the information on these two websites; Website 1 and Website 2. The first website may help you in understanding what's causing your neck pain and how exactly you can go about preventing it. The second has prices and listings on some "supposedly" good ergonomic chairs (sorry, I can't say they're good with absolute certainty.)

Good luck with finding your dream chair :D

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12 hours ago, AngeTime said:

Do you have the catalogue page for this recliner?

Strange, that link seems to have died. Not sure about catalogue. I bought it here . I think it sold around EU region.

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