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Please take care of me~

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Hi guys Aialize here~

It's all started way back 2012(my 2nd yr HS) when I got into VN's stuffs after i stumble an ads of 'Rewrite' and it piques my curiosity, I thought it was an anime that's why I learned the existence of VN's. Though sadly Rewrite ENG isn't available at that time that's when I played my very first VN 'Shuffle!'

Back then I played several titles such as LB, HoshiMemo, Kamidori, DearDrops, OsaDai etc. VN's is also the reason why I studied my degree today (I.T) coz I thought if I can learn to write programs I can be able to TL and make patches for some unTLed VN's~; but sadly realty is too harsh~ Right after I finished my degree I got little to no time to play VN's as I become an I.T Head of a certain I.T company. *sigh~

That's why it's good to know that there's group of people out there doing the things I failed to do~ Hoping #NekoNyan will remain resilient in every projects they have coz I know the experience of working into a group projects (specially digital projects and separate workplaces). Communication of every member is the key to accomplish the project in this field~

I'm gonna end my introduction and greetings to you guys~ I hope when you gonna plan to have physical release, please reserved me for every piece of product you have (w/ shipment overseas) of course I gonna play for it~. I'll gonna support you guys in every release you have so "GOOD LUCK!!!"


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