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No honorifics in Sugar*Style felt wierd

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Just dropping some feedback because it seems to me that the decision to mostly drop them ended up causing more bad than good. First of all, isn't it just easier to keep them as they are? Secondly, in the game there are entire discussions between characters where they are the main topic so you go from pretending they don't exist to suddenly being forced to acknowlege them and it doesn't work well in my opinion. Finally, this is just personal preference, but I'd rather the translation stayed true to the orginal when it's such a basic thing. I get you need do some word gymnastics to make the jokes work and whatnot, but there's no need to overdo it. I respect the decision though.

Not something major, but it left a strong enough impression on me that I wanted to mention it here. Oh, and btw, NekoNyanSoft, you're plannig to release the fandisc for Making*Lovers, please consider doing it for this game as well . Cheers.

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