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Meijer Pharmacy #158 1997 E Beltline Ave NE Grand Rapids,MI 49525 (616) 447-1510.
3. If you are experiencing Nutrient Lockout. Usually (NOT ALWAYS!) when you have a dramatic nutrient imbalance the cure is not to try to figure out the exact one, but flush the plants, and add a fresh WELL BALANCED and MEDIUM STRENGTH dose of nutes. Now don't go flushing at every burned leaf or tinge of yellow. Use common sense. But if you see dramatic problems, and there are no obvious signs of another problem like heat, cold, grey goop in the res, root rot, etc - then its prolly not a bad idea to flush the plants and re-fill the res. "
Looking for the ideal spot to survey your garden and enjoy some sunshine? Take a look at our wide range of stunning summerhouses.
Barney - Best Episode Compilation (3+ Hours) Upload your info about this strain here:

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