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Tamayura Mirai

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First of all I think this visual novel fits what nekonyan has been translating; Moege/Slice of Life/Supernatural like most of Yuzusoft titles.

Unlike yuzusoft, this visual novel has "classic Nakige" through the story. The common route is focused on supernatural beings and their problems, its quite interesting if you like japanese mythology. The routes are focused of course on each heroine, being the true ending (you won't know who is the true heroine from the image believe me) the most classical nakige. I thought maybe nekonyan didnt like to translate nakiges or some sad drama, but they are translating kiniro loveriche so i dont see it as an impediment.

The ost are quite fitting for the atmosphere, and I liked a lot 2 in specific. The enviroment and supernatural world are well done and the stories too. The heroines routes has it flaws because in my opinion the true ending is too powerful in the storie that is able to even cancel the other routes, but if you dont mind that, its a pretty good visual novel overall.

It won the user choice award and runner up (top 2) from Moe Games Award 2019. I leave the synopsis here

Humans and non-humans once lived together in the town of Fukano, and thus it is full of mysterious stories about mysterious beings. Mutsuki is a young magician who uses his powers to resolve strange incidents caused by the youkai, to maintain the harmony between humans and non-humans. Then Yukina arrived in the town in search for something that she had lost. She had spiritual powers that exceeded his own and was able to see the otherworldly beings. By associating with her, before long even the incident in which he gained his magic was brought back to light.

I know its a recent visual novel, and its going to have a chinese release, so maybe its hard for a colaboration with hikari field or something. But I think its a pretty good visual novel for what Nekonyan usually translate.

The scenario writters are Nissy (lots of Saga planet works) and Touta (some Saga planet works and yuzusoft)


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