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Sugar * Style

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Fureraba and Making * Lovers was great translations. Other SMEE titles have been requested already, so I just wanted to put a thread for Sugar * Style specifically. I personally want this translated more than the others since I've been so tired of the high school aged characters. VNDB: https://vndb.org/v24320

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Oh yeah i wanted to mention that Game too since its from Smee, but i forgot it ^^
I really hope we will see this and others Games in the Future too, and i think the Chances are high, i mean NekoNyan translated already quite some Smee and Yuzusoft Title, so i think they have no Problems to Translate this Games too. ( As long as NekoNyan isnt so Pesimistic like Mangagamer, i can only say Hapymaher Fan Disc where no one Knows up today if they translate it or not^^)

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