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Typos in Making Lovers

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Found some typos and a missing demosaic in Making Lovers. This is the R18 JAST version in case that matters.




This one is from the 1.01 patch so I'm not sure if it's been fixed yet. The line should be "woman" not "women"



This one is at the very beginning of Mashiro's route. I think it should say "Ah, sorry" but clearly something went wrong. On Patch 1.02 for this one



This one is an "a" shows up after the tilde. Patch 1.02



This is a missing mosaic. It's a bit weird though since on a straight shot like this there's a mosaic that shouldn't be, on the panning shot there is no mosaic, but when it goes back to this straight shot it has a mosaic again. Also if you look at the gallery from the main menu this CG will show with a mosaic too. Patch 1.02


Hope these can be fixed, especially that mosaic.

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