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Secret Project #1 - The title is~~~

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This is my some sort of first guess(es) about the title of the Secret Project #1.... 

  1. Astral Air - Is the first thing that comes into my mind since it was announced. I think it was last year since I read some sort of article that the former "Shinku Translation" joined/created this NekoNyanSoft. So here I am still hoping that he/she really finish  project, I still remember those time when he posted translation status about wanting to contribute to the community he belongs to~
  2.  Clover Day's - Again~ back those time there where several titles back then linked to each other as if they were from the same group. The one who's working this project is the group called "Yakosoku Translation".


There were three(3) titles linked/connected in "Shinku-Translation" back then the two titles stated above and the other one is "Irotoridori no Sekai".

Well its just my guesses~ I hope I get it right, maybe both huehue... 

I wonder what's your guess(es) in regards of the titles under the mystery called "Secret Projects".

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Clover Days is a good guess and one I never even considered. That'd be nice but even if it isn't this secret project I hope we see it from someone one day.

Based on a nearly finished game showing up out of nowhere, my guesses are:

  1. Dracu-Riot - Mostly because it was completely translated and had a final translation check and editing pass done on it before Sekai Iceboxed it and Tenshin Ranman early last year, Yuzusoft is currently working with NekoNyan, and NekoNyan picked up a previous Sekai Project release when they announced Senren Banka. If it turns out it is this then it's a real shame they missed Halloween for the release since that would have been perfect.
  2. Lover Able - It's a SMEE title and has had a fan translation slowly meander with very slow progress updates for a long time now. That usually wouldn't mean much, but they've taken down their prologue patches "temporarily" for well over a year now and with the very slow update progress that makes it seem to me they're at least open to selling their work. It is a bit older and a 4:3 title so it might not even be on the table for those reasons alone.
  3. Magical Charming or Tayutama 2 - Hikari Field announced English versions of these, but before they ever released the full versions they took fan concerns about the English quality in the demo for Tayutama 2 to heart and since partnered with NekoNyan to work on the English version of their future projects. Going back to work on either of these would make sense for NekoNyan to do eventually, though in this case having the translation pop up at 100% done with everything but engine work and QA I don't think fits this secret project timing wise.

It's more likely that it's something completely out of left field though, or a project from a new partner so any guessing would be a shot in the dark. Whatever it is I hope it's cute.



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I highly doubt that it's Clover day's because i'm pretty sure that yakusoku translations already finished translating and astro confirmed that the project is just in indefinite hiatus for now and that he will release it when he can. Astral air seems very possible since two of the members joined here just to finish translating the game and are very eager to have it published. Chances are, they've convinced the head to release it or smth i guess, but again, you can't be sure because that's just how visual novel publications work...

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