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Typos in Aokana - Four Rhythms Across the Blue

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Found some typos when I was reading through Aokana and figured I'd post them so they can get fixed. I'm using the initial release and not patch 1.02 since I don't think it's come up on JAST yet so these may have already been fixed.



Cliche is missing the accent here. I know accents don't really play nice with VNs usually but every other instance of the word had the accent so I figured I'd mention it


This should be "Gotcha" in the background image text, not "Gocha".



The audio only has Misaki saying one word which I can't remember at the moment so I think what happened here was both were put in as possible choices but someone missed the line and forgot to pick one for the final translation. I seem to remember the former making more sense in context, but you guys should go back and look at that line again



This should be "our" not "out"



Pretty sure this line should be "If I were a girl" not "If I was a girl" since the if statement makes it the subjunctive.

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No problem. Found some more plus some text overflows.



This one should be "Calm down" not "Call down"


This one should be "distant future" not "distant feature"376933897_Typo-lastcommaunnedded.thumb.png.189ed02fd54658709660fd9697878799.png

The last comma here is unneeded


This has a period at the end of the text but not in the image


Again, this has a period in the text but not in the image. The line and image shows up a third time with no period in the text so at the very least it should be made consistent for each time it shows up.


These next two aren't typos, but text overflows where it hit a fourth line. I've been using the second font with no border for reference.


This one flowed to line 4 on font 2.


This one flowed to line 4 on font 2, but didn't when using font 1.

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I missed two before I hit post

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Sorry for the double post, but I've since finished and found a couple more and would rather post them now so I can clear out my screenshots.



This one should be offense, not offence.



This one is another text overflow to the fourth line. Happens when using font 1 or font 2 with border on or off for text. Not sure if you guys were on the lookout for these but figured I'd post just in case.


I thought Aokana was great and can't wait for the Perfect Edition and the Mashiro FD. Hope they come out soon.

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