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Merchandise From Released VN's

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Lately when I've been playing your released VN's, as I've enjoyed them all. I soon get interested in the Merchandise from those VN's. This could be from Keyrings, tapastery's to Figures, etc.

Unfortunately the VN's originally was released years ago, so a lot of the merchandise is either hard to find or they've had a price hike.

YuzuSoft still releases merchandise from time to time, so its not too bad for Sanoba Witch. Sankaku Renai and Fureraba on the otherhand is pretty difficult. I couldn't find any Fureraba items, (kinda wanted a Himari Tapestry)

I was just wondering would you be able to consider selling items like these in the future if its possible. I understand that physical goods is a tricky area, plus they may not want to reproduce the items again, so it may be difficult to form something like this. But I would definitely be interested if you were able to pull it off.

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