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Devils Devel Concept

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Hello, the other day I came across a thread on Fuwa and saw the opening for this VN and it took only a few seconds to be enamored by that. After looking at the attempt to translate this game and the fact that it got cease and desisted. I was a little depressed but quickly remembered that NekoNyan is currently translating Hello Lady! which is by the same developers so maybe if someone like me requests it, Neko can look into future translations of titles by the same dev. Like this one:



While it might be a little on the older side, I believe that this one presents a very good story and definitely deserves to see the light of day in the West!

Here's the opening :


This would also be a departure from the loads of Romance only VNs (Though I love them, I don't mind an overarching plot like in Hello, Goodbye or Ef)

Please make this happen guys!

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