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This is my first time on this forum, please be gentle.

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Nice too meet you. Word of mouth brought me here. This place looks like fuwanovel forum with less users. My standard for purchasing VNs rise due to the increase of localized VNs. I seen people comparing their backlog "size" bigger than mine. I get introduced into VNs by anime adaptation, meme and lewd image. VNs reminded me of gamebooks, movie-games and point-click-adventure games.

When will Nekonyan localize catgirl VNs?

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I have also been revising my standards upwards as to what VNs I'm willing to pay for.  A lot of stuff put out by the "big" localization companies is, in my opinion, trash that's not worth reading, let alone paying for.

I also agree on VNs bringing back memories of "choose your own adventure" books and the like.  I've mostly been staying away from "kinetic" VNs, because for me, once you've taken the choices out I might as well just read a book, which would be FAR cheaper!

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