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So I've found the single most despicable character/ protagonist in vn history

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The character in question is naoki fuse from Sakura Sakura 


The main protagonist is pretty ok if not alittle spineless, But my god is this guy the absolute worst. He's an absolute ass to the protag and is mean to everyone. He steals things manipulates people and pushes all blame on everyone else.

The game is split into twos but I refuse to even touch the latter half because this guy is the protagonist. 

Out of all visual novels I've played he has some how become my least favorite character, above the literal antagonists of other series. I don't know how but this guy's douche baggery is so astronomically off the charts even the heroine killing monsters seem more likable than this guy. (This may seem like a rant but I'm just wondering if anyone else despises this guy as much as I do?)

Now that I think about it Rance is pretty bad too but I'm pretty sure the developers made him unlikable for some reason.

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