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Shukufuku no Campanella (& Shukusai no Campanella)

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This is a sizable game I've been requesting from other publishers for some time. I've come across a number of other fans for the series on a few different places over the years who have likewise expressed interest in seeing it localized.

Shukufuku no Campanella is the original game: https://vndb.org/v1337


The story takes place in Ert'Aria. The city is called "the city of treasures" and people are now busy preparing for a harvest festival. There is a mysterious power called Ale. If you gather Ale and crystallize it, it turns into a jewel. Once in every seven years, the harvest of Ale increases. The main character is Leicester. He is an item engineer and belongs to an adventurer group called Oasis. He also looks forward to the festival. A group of shooting stars fill in the sky in the year when the harvest of Ale increases. Yes, today is the day. Carina, Leicester's old friend, can't wait for it, so she takes him out into the town. At night, when Leicester and his friends have a party, a shooting star comes towards them! It passes them and falls down nearby. They rush to the venue and find a secret room. The room is filled with mysterious atmosphere and a girl sleeps in the bed. When Leicester looks at her face, she wakes up and says, "Oh, you're my father!" Her name is Minette and she leads Leicester and his friends to an adventure...

Shukusai no Campanella is the fandisc: https://vndb.org/v4652

The fandisc includes several after stories and stories for fan-favorite side characters, as well as a quiz battle game.


The original game received an anime adaptation in 2010, which was licensed for home release in North America by Right Stuf under their Lucky Penny label:


The game boasts a great cast, including (but certainly not limited to) Mai Kadowaki and Asami Imai.

To date, no games by this developer (that I'm aware of) have been licensed for English release, so it could be a good opportunity for a partnership.

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Oh, Windmill VNs... By the way, their Twitter comment ^_^


I really love the OP song from Campanella by Satou Hiromi and NANA. Ah, it would be nice to see the translation of it, for example.


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