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Neb Neb

Sanoba Witch wallpaper collection

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Hey guys, as you may have already heard or read in our latest tweets we decided against a preorder option.
The wallpapers we already prepared as an incentive will be downloadable from here. 90% of them are lewd (NSFW) so yeah you have been warned ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
It's a small collection of desktop and mobile background in various formats.



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Alright, I'm checkin' 'em out.

I'm a bit disappointed that we can't get full images of the lewds over desktop-sized crops, but alas I know that's likely not in your hands. On a related note, something more controllable probably, I'd really like to see 12:10 aspect ratio options at more than just the smallest size. I appreciate these images as art, not merely as functional desktop wallpapers, and hey those extra vertical pictures simply means more image for me to appreciate.

I was able to compress the images down by about 15%, tsk tsk. Also, the mobile wallpaper folder is twice the size of the desktop one! As a desktop user, 😢. (Even if I'm just using them as pure pieces of art.) Really though, who needs 4k mobile wallpapers? I suppose it doesn't hurt to be forward-thinking but I don't think even the latest smartphones have more than 1440p screens and the 4K versions are over half the total filesize. Just, you know, to be filesize-conscious for heavy phone users who might have to worry about data caps. Obviously, I appreciate them as a connoisseur.

How come the sanoba_background image is only available in 1920x1080?


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Well, I think, mobile wallpapers are for Retina iPad, ahaha. That's why. 

I need 4K PC wallpapers, because I like high quality. But yeah, on mobile (excluding Retina iPad and iPhone and 4K smartphones) I don't see the sense of that. So, I just use mobile wallpapers for desktop, thank you so much!

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