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Self Introduction and some questions about forum and Nekonyan

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Hi, I am new to this forum. I like vanilla and to those who think vanilla hscene/story etc are boring, all i can say is either you have not read a good one yet or your standard is not there yet to appreciate them(just like how vanilla can be considered the boring flavouring but that is probably because you have never tried a good vanilla cake etc. So so good.) I like cooking. I am also interested in learning japanese, though still a zero at it, ironic since this is a place for getting translated works.

Really glad to hear Aokana is getting TL'ed, got Fureraba, waiting for Sanoba Witch and Melty Moment. I think there is also Hello Goodbye. But I would like to ask more about the partnership announcement that came with that for Aokana. Can anyone tell me if this is the right place to ask? Should i start a new thread somewhere else in the forum(and where?) or do I email Nekonyan about it if they are comfortable in answering. For example, since they are partnered with a chinese company, does it mean that future projects of Nekonyan requires greenlight from both Nekonyan and the chinese company?

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