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Hello world ...no I mean everyone

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Hello everyone, I am Darkrider. I have been playing a eroge for quiet long and currently try to study Kanji little by little (I can already read Hiragana and Katakana) and I also play eroge to study Japanese as well (but still not quite work out which make me back to play English). Anyway let be frank, I have quite both normal taste of strange taste of eroge. I usually like to play gag or funny eroge since it more fun it play than serious one (but I did play some of it if it make me unable to quit the game) that for nomal one. The strange one is I like horror (not strange? will then.....), GURO (YES I love it and I know it strange), Dad and daughter relationship (not Oni CC though, oh and not loli)

I can't handle NTR though, I can play rape and also like it but NTR is no no, I perfer vanilla (and Yes I know there no way there going to be game that Guro and vanilla can be together, but let not talk about that), but I can handle dark one too (as long as it not NTR.....but reverse NTR might be ok?).

Anyway I see this company have a blog and seem to listen to their customer so I decide to join in. So let be friend  (especially if you like Guro as well). Oh almost forgot I like big boob so Milk Fatory (or should I called Squeez?) is the best.

This one actually forgot, but I like Yandere girl the most as well.

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