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The Broadcast Club: VN Podcast Episode 11 - Music in Visual Novels

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The Broadcast Club is, in fact, not dead and is still alive and kicking. Thanks to various IRL happenings, it took us way longer than we ever intended to produce this latest episode. We're endeavoring not to have a repeat going forward!

Apologies for the half year wait since last episode. This week we talked about the rather sensitive topic of Music in visual novels. No guest this episode. As usual, you can find it on our blog.


If you prefer to watch/listen on YouTube, we have a channel now!

Make sure to follow us on Twitter!



Discussion Topics

  • How do you all feel about music in VNs? Is the soundtrack important to you, or does it not make a huge difference?
  • Are there any VNs that you feel had an especially effective soundtrack overall?
  • What are some of your favorite tracks? Any least favorites?
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Interest in shilling a visual novel you really like for 2-3 minutes for our podcast, the Broadcast Club?

So as some people know, I (along with Rallina and Nakenashi) co-host about visual novels podcast monthly-ish. We have a segment towards the end where a user can "shill" a VN you like for 2-3 minutes. Basically at the bare minimum you just briefly talk about what the visual novel is and why you like it. We're interested in getting some more shills lined up and ready. Other things to take note off if you want to contribute your own shill:

  • Leave a 3-5 seconds of silence at the beginning and/or the end of the recording
  • Please have the recording be a .wav file
  • Make sure there's no background noise as you record
  • It doesn't have to have an English Translation. But if it doesn't make sure you note that one doesn't exist (yet).
  •  You can't shill a VN that's already been done before which includes:

-The House in Fata Morgana
-Yumina the Ethereal
-Princess Evangile
-Root Double
-Tomoyo After
-Little Busters
-Umineko series
-Symphonic Rain
If you're interested PM me a 2-3 minute-ish .wav file and we can work with it.
If you want an idea of how previous shill segments work you can go to our YouTube channel. Each video has one shill each and I put a timestamp in the description.

In addition if you're interested in being a guest for any of the following topics:

  • Untranslated Visual Novels
  • VNs catered to Females (Otome/BL)
  • Art
  • Length
  • Settings
  • Romance Quality
  • Endings
  • Overall Presentation
  • Any other interesting topic you can think of

Feel free to PM me and we'll consider you as a guest for a future ep!

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I believe soundtracks are a blessing and Visual Novels/Anime wouldn't be the same without them. 
Through music you can express feelings that would be difficult to describe using words. 
The only VN I definitely didn't like (2236 AD) was also the only one with OSTs I couldn't manage to listen to. 
I found myself muting the audio more than once during the reading, and that's something really bad. Both for the reader and for the creation itself. 

Speaking of favourites, the epic fighting OSTs are what turns me on. 
"Poison to Poison" from Tokyo Babel. 
"Thrude Walkure" from Dies Irae
"Emiya" and "Light & Darkness" from Fate/Stay Night
"Brave Decision" from Root Double (not really a fight music but still epic)
and last but also best "The Eye of Aeon" from 11Eyes. 
^ this last one is definitely the best OST I've ever heard in my life. It pumps me like I'm the one doing the fight

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