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Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road: The closest you'll get to a MajiKoi spiritual sequel while waiting for the rest of the A series (no spoilers)

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So a few months ago the English patch got released, I was excited enough to buy a physical copy based on the developer and decent hype for the VN. I just finished it last night and for the most part I wasn't disappointed.

If you don't know, Tsujidou was made by Minato Carnival, a subsidiary of Minato Soft (which made the MajiKoi series). There was also a MajiKoi spinoff/April Fools jokes half-based in the Tsujidou universe in Shakadou-san no Jun'ai Road (https://vndb.org/v12791) which is really short. It had no Tsujidou characters but had a few recognizable MajiKoi characters and a new character in Sakura (I wish she came back).

In any case, even though Tsujidou has a different main scenario water from MajiKoi, it's clear the writer of Tsujidou was very heavily inspired by MajiKoi. They even put a bunch of references to Kawakami and Kuki in the VN.

  • The humor style and overall tone of the VN is similar. Really silly gag based humor with a penchant of going over the top even with character designs as well as having similar types of music.
  • All the main girls are super powerful and most of the guys are whatever power wise minus a few. While it's somewhat more grounded since it's delinquent based instead of using samurai weapons it's clear that the girls are crazy powerful especially compared to how they look
  • Lots of silly choices for humor purposes
  • While there is romance, it's not gonna be consistently focused on it all the time and while light hearted there's still decent/memorable enough drama and character development
  • While not as many there's still quite a number of recurring minor/side characters that are fairly important in each route
  • Some kinda similar character archetypes (like the older sister is like a mix of Momoyo bullying and Miyako yandere-isms)
  • Lots of silly bad/alternate ends
  • They both like their REALLY long H scenes and ones that can be inappropriately timed, possibly even moreso than MajiKoi. 

Of course there are differences from MajiKoi that make Tsujidou stand out on its own

  • A bit more grounded setting: delinquents and gangs in regular schools as opposed to the more formal schools based on creating fighters and having tournaments.
  • While the humor style is similar they dont cut and paste jokes from MajiKoi. It has some really funny unique jokes of its own. I still crack up most of the time when there's those cut-in death glares in humorous moments.
  • The main character is a little more standard fare as the 'nice guy' who doesnt like fighting as opposed to Yamato whos prides himself as a tactician and stuff.
  • Only 3 main routes. There's also no unlockable/true route but when you read the VN and look at the title it'll be obvious who's basically the true route
  • The whole friendship thing/big group of friends thing that was in MajiKoi isn't nearly as pronounced in Tsujidou. There are still shades of friendship stuff but not as much. The closest thing you get are some of the delinquent groups which kinda work like that but not really.
  • The main thing that stuck out to me was the part where the routes branch and how unique the situation is compared to most VNs. I won't spoil what it is and it isn't SUPER mindblowing but it was really interesting how it was done and how it leads to the other routes.

So obviously there's no guarantee you'll like this if you liked MajiKoi or even vice versa. That said, in my personal opinion if you're really thirsty for more MajiKoi while patiently for A-3 through A-5 I think this is a good alternative to hold you over for just a little longer.

It's really fun.

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Majikoi got grabbed by JAST. All of us might not live long enough to see the day A-3 gets released. As a fan of Majikoi I'd love to see more titles like Tsujidou (and the fandisk, Asuza best!).

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I really enjoyed this game as well, I was disappointed to hear that the translation team didn't enjoy working on it and have no interest in ever touching the fandisc for it.

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