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Tamaki Sakura

PR/Website/Social Media Manager?

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Has NekoNyan thought about getting someone to manage their website/blog and establish a social media presence? The current employees seem too busy to update very often.

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I kinda already asked them the same question, but it seems PR is pretty low on their priority list.

Having your products speak for you might be a valid strategy, but 'modern kids' (I'm being sarcastic here, fyi) are kinda like young chicken and only keep the flashiest things in their memory and those only until the next big thing is around. (still being sarcastic)


We don't need to know what kind of political party you support or what you had for breakfast (but that might be interesting) but at least tease some of your works or try to hype the fans before your releases. Or you could just ramble about how great the translators are or how the dirtiest workplace you guys have looks like or something.

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