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Wasp Benson

Your boy coming in hot

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Hello broskies, my name is Wasp Benson, and I just made an account in this forum to make a new start for myself, I would like to make friends if I can and all of that friendly stuff you put on introductory topics. Enough of that, thiugh, let's cut to the part everyone truly cares about, which is of my taste is good or not:

Favourite Visual Novel: Akatsuki no Goei series. 

I like to meme, to translate things and long walks in the beach. I also think that emoji communication is the future, so I graduated with top honors in Harvard on a shitposting and emoji language degree, fight me plebs.

If you have any questions about me just ask, I do not sting, I'm always friendly and never toxic.

May God bless you all. 

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I have a ph.d in memes, so we can catch up on similar lectures whenever.


regards. your favorite tranny

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54 minutes ago, Tsukishiro said:

I don't personally meme, but I can appreciate the memes of others.

Ditto, I often find myself googling some. People have too much free time on their hands! That or I just getting too old to keep up... :P

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