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Found 1 result

  1. https://vndb.org/v12404 Here's something of a rarity: an all yuri harem nukige. It's pretty novel since we have nothing but harems and reverse harems, though the story isn't anything to write home about. The MC is a perverted girl who transfers to a famous all girls school to look for the ultimate breasts. There's a huge variety of characters that fall into most typical tropes (oddly enough no tsunderes, at least none tagged). (My personal fav) According to vndb it's 10-30 hours long, and with that many characters I imagine the story is very sparse. I'm a huge fan of yuri so it's hard for me to choose any one VN, I picked this one because it stood out the most. Of course I'll be happy with any yuri licenses, even more so if there's incest.