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About Me

Found 3 results

  1. This is my some sort of first guess(es) about the title of the Secret Project #1.... Astral Air - Is the first thing that comes into my mind since it was announced. I think it was last year since I read some sort of article that the former "Shinku Translation" joined/created this NekoNyanSoft. So here I am still hoping that he/she really finish project, I still remember those time when he posted translation status about wanting to contribute to the community he belongs to~ Clover Day's - Again~ back those time there where several titles back then linked to each other as if they were from the same group. The one who's working this project is the group called "Yakosoku Translation". There were three(3) titles linked/connected in "Shinku-Translation" back then the two titles stated above and the other one is "Irotoridori no Sekai". Well its just my guesses~ I hope I get it right, maybe both huehue... I wonder what's your guess(es) in regards of the titles under the mystery called "Secret Projects".
  2. Welp, I made this post because I read than some Japanese developers hates foreigners :/ By this reason I want tell you guys about some groups like Digital Cute than don't hate foreigners. Digital Cute is going to localize the shooting game Burunyanman worldwide in Steam. I talked a few times with them in twitter and them seems pretty friendly. For the same reason I want put this game in the wishlist, Digital Cute have a few games and them are only visual novels type eroge except by Burunyanman. I´m have the physical of Burunyaman and I like it and it also have a psp port and they also they plan made a switch port too, so I assume that their work is pretty good and decent. For the same reason I want request this title, to be honest I don´t know how is the game plot leaving aside the description but it looks pretty cute visually and have a length of 10 - 30 hours. And considering they are pretty friendly maybe make business with them may not be difficult. At least for my I would pay for this game. PS: I hope you guys can understand me, my english grammar isn't the best because I speak spanish.
  3. Toshibe

    Inquiry about Fureraba

    Hello, I made this post because I want ask something related Fureraba * Friend to Lover~. I noticed that this visual novel is available in playstation vita (JP), then I want know if is possible in a near future port the translation and make a official localization of the game in playstation vita. I don't know how much cost a localization of console games but I only ask if something like this is possible. And well, thanks for advance and best regards!