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Found 1 result

  1. Tom-Cruise

    Soi Kano ~Gyutto Dakishimete~

    https://vndb.org/v22033#main SOY Kano ~Gyutto Dakishimete~ is a fairly new Visual Novel by Giga (Baldr Sky) that I randomly came across while browsing their portfolio. The MC apparently has Insomnia, which I could relate to because I also suffered from one during my highschool years (RIP my grades), and the girls were adorable(thigh high=yes). So, it got my attention. I decided to do a bit of research on this game and ,to my surprise, found out there was a hentai adaptation. Did I watch it? Of course I did. Don't ask silly questions! How was it? well......... I entered a website and typed the name in. Checked the tags. No Rape. No NTR. No Harem. No Rape. No Ahegao. Vanilla. Good, just the way I like it. I pressed the play button. And HOLY FUCK where has this been in my life. The animation was surprisingly nice for a hentai, just like a normal anime. Heck, 5 mins in, I totally forgot I was watching a hentai because it was so pleasant. The characters were so sweet and it was kinda funny at times. It wasn't until the fucking began that I remembered "Oh yeah, this was a hentai" but it still manages to be diabetic inducing because of the main heroine. Anyways the 30 minutes was worth it and It is now my 2nd most wanted VN for localization (Sakura No Uta is 1st). So yeah........I need it............GIVE MEH PLEASE!!!! IF NOT, THEN DO IT FOR HER! Give mah girl Yoake a place to shine. I'm beggin ya