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Found 2 results

  1. I've been playing Sanoba Witch and this error has repeatedly come up (see attached screenshot). Clicking yes, sometimes multiple times in sequence, seems to allow me to continue. I've positioned the Taskmanager window in the screenshot so you can see how much memory the application is using, but it doesn't look critical to me. I've purchased the game from the NekoNyan shop and used the installer. I'm playing on a fully updated Windows 10 that is always set to japanese locale (for other VNs). I'm mentioning this just in case, it has never been an issue. There is no Anti-Virus etc. installed, which means Windows Defender is running. Since I can continue it's not critical, but it does seem like there is something seriously wrong. Please let me know if you need any additional infos from me.
  2. I just tried to extract the .rar file I got in my email when I purchased Sanoba Witch directly from the NekoNyan store page.About half way through, my antivirus detected a malware file within the game and blocked it. So now, I can't play the game at all because the .exe to run the game got sent to my quarantine. I've provided the details of my antivirus below. I run an automatic scan daily on startup, and that came back clean less than 30 minutes before trying to run the extraction after buying the game. Could it have somehow made it into the game's files?