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Found 2 results

  1. I found out consistent way to crash the game. 1. Use the backlog to jump back. Don't move to the next line. 2. Save the game. 3. Quit the game. 4. Load the just saved game. 5. Crash to desktop It gives an error message: "Not a function or invalid method/property type" The crash can be prevented by starting a new game or loading some other save first and then loading the save.
  2. Hi guys, I want to report a bug that I just found. I frequently got scene freeze whenever switching from my Sabbat's window to another game, and back to Sabbat again. The sound still running, but the scene itself still stuck. I have to minimize the window and restore it again to make the scene runs again. Tbh, it's not really a fatal one, but just a little bugs me. I hope that you can investigate it. This is my recorded video when I found it, so you can see it by yourself Btw, thanks for releasing this. I really appreciate it, not to mention, I'm a big fan of Yuzusoft titles Edit : Looks like running of Fullscreen only reduce the chance for screen freezing. Sometimes I still get it after switching from my other game.