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About Me

Found 2 results

  1. Aialize

    Please take care of me~

    Hi guys Aialize here~ It's all started way back 2012(my 2nd yr HS) when I got into VN's stuffs after i stumble an ads of 'Rewrite' and it piques my curiosity, I thought it was an anime that's why I learned the existence of VN's. Though sadly Rewrite ENG isn't available at that time that's when I played my very first VN 'Shuffle!' Back then I played several titles such as LB, HoshiMemo, Kamidori, DearDrops, OsaDai etc. VN's is also the reason why I studied my degree today (I.T) coz I thought if I can learn to write programs I can be able to TL and make patches for some unTLed VN's~; but sadly realty is too harsh~ Right after I finished my degree I got little to no time to play VN's as I become an I.T Head of a certain I.T company. *sigh~ That's why it's good to know that there's group of people out there doing the things I failed to do~ Hoping #NekoNyan will remain resilient in every projects they have coz I know the experience of working into a group projects (specially digital projects and separate workplaces). Communication of every member is the key to accomplish the project in this field~ I'm gonna end my introduction and greetings to you guys~ I hope when you gonna plan to have physical release, please reserved me for every piece of product you have (w/ shipment overseas) of course I gonna play for it~. I'll gonna support you guys in every release you have so "GOOD LUCK!!!"
  2. Veshurik

    Hello from Russia!

    Hello everyone, guys! I'm so happy to introduce myself on that forum, thank you so much for patience! I'm really have a deep love for visual novels, for almost three years... And I'm extremely excited for new announcements from NekoNyan soft (I wonder why such name...). Of course, I will wait for those games, and I'm really interested in works of Hooksoft brand and his sub-brands Asa Project and SMEE, also Lump of Sugar and Yuzusoft. So, yeah, Yuzusoft and Lump of Sugar doesn't have any special aggreement with Western publushers of VN, as I can see. Nice! I hope for the BEST translation of ALL TITLES. Every game deserves the best translation work, hope, that everyone understand it. Because if translation is bad... That's already not original work, that's only a "parody" (or the game in its own way), if I can call it so. Please, don't mess up, like some other publishers (better not to say the exact names). I also read opinions of people on Fuwanovel, and understand, that many people are really sceptic about that. Interesting, why... Of course, I understand, because new company out of nowhere, with just a simple logo (I hope you will change that, because it looks really so strange). But why so many scepticism now? NekoNyan still didn't release something, let's wait and see. I have a faith in everything from the start... We all hope for better, to be honest. So, I will wait the news and looking forward to progress. And, yeah! About me! I'm just a Russian guy, who love VN and eroge so much. I also have a some translation projects, but in Russian, and... Ugh, it is hard, really hard, to be honest, especially on enthusiasm. I also hope that in future publishers of some VN can allow request of fan-translation teams in other languages to check translation and release it officially, it would be great to expand VN market over the world. For example, I know bad example, when one publisher doesn't even care about QA and about "our market". Agh, that was really rude. Because I would like to do that (the other problem that some of VN didn't get licensed on the West, so... that's really complicated things). Maybe, anyone can say something about that case. Thank you for reading, and sorry for my English! Welcome!