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Found 5 results

  1. Tamaki Sakura

    Typos and Quality Control

    I hate that the first post I'm making is negative, but please consider this constructive criticism. Both NekoNyan's website and its game translations have multiple spelling and grammar errors that make them look unprofessional. Specific to the website, uncensore should be uncensor or, more properly, uncensored. Looking over the screenshots of Fureraba that have been posted online, I was immediately struck by the missing punctuation. Namely, the missing commas. I have to wait until I buy the game next week to delve deeper, but the problems with punctuation were pervasive in what I saw. What's the beta testing process like for titles? How many betas are used and how long is the testing period? Are there any experienced betas on staff? () Anyway, I'd recommend fixing these problems and tightening up quality control. I like the type of visual novel that NekoNyan licenses, so I want it to stick around.
  2. Hello all, After I installed the patch and after an H scene would play out, as soon as it finished it would produce an error and crash to desktop. Here's the error for reference: Thread [ 1 ] , Program [ scrmain._bp ] , IP [ $00000332 ] , Instruction [ $16 ] , SP [ $000018C8 ] ( ipl._bp - $0000117D ) ( title._bp - $00000061 ) ( title._bp - $000008DF ) ( title._bp - $000009EE ) ( title._bp - $00000BED ) ( scrdrv._bp - $0000012F ) ( scrmain._bp - $00000332 ) ジャンプ/コール先にNULLポインタが指定されました Any help would be appreciated, thank you!
  3. Hi I recently bought Fureraba After Story through Manga Gamer. I followed the Archive merge instrucions and tried to access the after stories via new game but it always sends me to the prologue. Is there any prerequisites for accessing the dlc? I have only 100% completed the Yuzuyu and Rina routes.
  4. I remember it being mentioned that there would be an update to Fureraba somewhere down the line that added in some exclusive CGs from the Vita version into NekoNyan's version. Is that still coming out, and if so is there an estimate of when it'll release? I've been holding off on buying the FD and giving everything a reread for when that Vita CG update drops so any news on it would be appreciated.
  5. BlackBird

    Fureraba resolution?

    Would Fureraba be released as 2016 HD edition (1280x720)? Or it would be initial version (1024x576)? Not sure if it's the right place for this, but for now we don't have good old FAQ thread for general questions.