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Found 1 result

  1. Tamaki Sakura

    Your Top 3 Visual Novels

    What are your top three favorite visual novels? They don't have to be the three you think are the best, just your three favorites. I wonder what your choices will say about you... I'm not usually into chuuni games, but damn if I don't love Fate/stay night. For one thing, it has Rin, who is totally waifu tier. I'm also a huge fan of history and mythology, so I have a field day with all the references in the game. Basically, Fate aimed for my weak spots. ...Speaking of weak spots, Hatsuyuki Sakura went straight for the kill with sad girls in snow. I simply cannot resist a good nakige, especially one set in winter. And Saga Planets tossed in a supernatural heroine, too. It makes me wanna「ぴゃー!!」 Ever17, the first visual novel I ever completed, way back in 2006. I can't even begin to describe the impact it made on my life. Even if it hadn't set the course for my future career, I'd still love it just as much. Really, the game is a masterpiece. It's the only title I've given a 10 on VNDB. If you like science fiction at all, you need to play this. Shame it's long out of print.