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Found 3 results

  1. Sinara

    IxShe Tell

    At the ending of Ayaka-san's route, the game repeatedly crashes and will not let me obtain the last Omake for her route. Is there a fix or a way to finish it?
  2. Hi guys, I want to report a bug that I just found. I frequently got scene freeze whenever switching from my Sabbat's window to another game, and back to Sabbat again. The sound still running, but the scene itself still stuck. I have to minimize the window and restore it again to make the scene runs again. Tbh, it's not really a fatal one, but just a little bugs me. I hope that you can investigate it. This is my recorded video when I found it, so you can see it by yourself Btw, thanks for releasing this. I really appreciate it, not to mention, I'm a big fan of Yuzusoft titles Edit : Looks like running of Fullscreen only reduce the chance for screen freezing. Sometimes I still get it after switching from my other game.
  3. Tsukishiro

    Inbox is full?

    When trying to send a private message, a notification box telling me that my inbox is full appears despite my inbox having only one conversation in it. I'm pretty sure this wasn't intentional, so I thought I'd report it here.