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Found 4 results

  1. Alkanize

    Aokana v1.1 Black Screen

    Can someone please help me? I'm trying to run the Aokana game but It shows a white screen for 2-3 seconds and then goes to a completely black screen permanently. I'm currently running Version 1.1 on Windows 8. I thought maybe my Antivirus was affecting the game or something so I also temporarily turned off my Antivirus, but still haven't gotten anything. Please do help!
  2. Found some typos when I was reading through Aokana and figured I'd post them so they can get fixed. I'm using the initial release and not patch 1.02 since I don't think it's come up on JAST yet so these may have already been fixed. Cliche is missing the accent here. I know accents don't really play nice with VNs usually but every other instance of the word had the accent so I figured I'd mention it This should be "Gotcha" in the background image text, not "Gocha". The audio only has Misaki saying one word which I can't remember at the moment so I think what happened here was both were put in as possible choices but someone missed the line and forgot to pick one for the final translation. I seem to remember the former making more sense in context, but you guys should go back and look at that line again This should be "our" not "out" Pretty sure this line should be "If I were a girl" not "If I was a girl" since the if statement makes it the subjunctive.
  3. When aokana starts, a black screen appears and nothing else works. please advise what to do
  4. If you're having issues installing Aokana and bought it from JAST then please read this. I bought Aokana on JAST and when I try and run the installer I get a message that says "Setup needs next disc" and it asks for the "Aokana_Installer-1.bin" file. When you direct it to the right path it doesn't see it. The file was mistakenly named "Aokana Installer-1.bin" instead of the needed "Aokana_Installer-1.bin" so the installer will give you errors nonstop until you add in all the underscores yourself. I just got through the setup by doing that myself so it works. NekoNyan, please contact JAST to update the file, or if that will take a while add in a note to the JAST store page on how to solve the issue in the mean time so others don't get frustrated when they run into this issue too.