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  1. You shot straight past plot-ge and into the realm of guro-ge. That being said, Black Cyc's early games do have a good reputation. I heard that their engine doesn't do English well, so any titles by them would have to be ported over to Unity or something, which is a lot of work.

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  2. Let's see what I can do with some of these lines. Now, I don't have any direct translations or Japanese scripts, so I can't vouch for these being 100% accurate to the original. Without further ado...



    I mean, by mentioning food, you're laying all your cards on the table. That makes it easy for the girl to give a clear reply.





    Out of all the attractions in this town, there are two particular spots that garner the most attention.






    As you've just witnessed, the one drawback is that it seems to attract couples who lack any sense of public decency.






    Hell, if she actually had a boyfriend, I bet she'd smack him around on a regular basis.






    Now, first things first. The front crawl is a piece of cake; anyone can do it. Just kick your feet, swing your arms, and remember to breathe.






    But this place is like a whole different world.






    The trick is to nudge the prize into the hole. It works for pretty much everything, as long as it's not something super huge, or a boxed item.






    Well, convenience store workers usually get shittier treatment than people working other jobs.






    Yeah. I have them all recorded, just in case. I was actually planning on using this weekend to catch up on my backlog



  3. 3 minutes ago, Virgin Smasher said:

    Visual Arts has basically said they wanted to localize this themselves before, so there's at least that.

    I hadn't heard that. I know the company president said that it was a favorite of his, but VA has never responded to inquiries about titles other than Key's games. Also, they've begun licensing Key titles to outside translation groups again with Rewrite.

  4. 2 minutes ago, Tsukishiro said:

    Rather than be put-off by the moege label, I look into the concept and themes of the work while deciding whether or not I want to read it. Well, as long as you enjoy reading it, there's no issue no matter what style of story it is.

    Well said.

  5. Considering that Maitetsu is licensed, there's a slim chance for Monobeno. Lolicon isn't my thing, but I do have to admit that the art is lovely and the story sounds intriguing.

    My biggest goal is to see Hatsuyuki Sakura translated (and work on the project as beta or editor.)

  6. The solution is to license a game with moe characters and a solid plot. Hatsuyuki Sakura has waifu-tier characters and cuteness, but the underlying story is about a misanthrope who wants revenge on the world (Not spoilers. This is revealed before the opening credits.)

  7. 1 hour ago, MichaelBlueTheKing said:

    Hope you'll join my little cult of Walkure Romanze worshippers and pray with us for a translation! :D

    Not huge on Ricotta's games due to some of the fetishes found within (too much peeing), but I hope it gets licensed for you to enjoy.

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  8. Hi, Tamaki here. I never know what to put in these things...

    Um, my favorite VN are Hatsuyuki Sakura and Flyable Heart. I work on VN professionally as a beta tester. My starting class in FFXIV was lancer...

    Like I said, I've got no clue what to write.

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  9. When in doubt, follow the Chicago Manual of Style. That's what MangaGamer uses.

    18 minutes ago, bakauchuujin said:

    While I have yet to play the VN I have seen some things that seem a bit odd on the site. For instance "Due to various reasons, mainly the protagonist moving, their relationship became estranged, but now, several years later, they find each other at the same high school, and in the same class this year." This is from Minahara Himari's character page btw. I think there are a few too many commas in this. While nothing I have heard or seen so far have been nearly enough to make me want to not buy the VN I think maybe focusing on rules related to commas would be a nice idea. Personally I am not too good at using commas myself, but even I can notice there are some problems related to this.

    Yeah, the stuff from this page should be rewritten and broken up into multiple sentences.


  10. 「ぴゃー!!」

    The power of 「ぴゃー!!」compels you.

    • Title: Hatsuyuki Sakura
    • Brand: SAGA PLANETS (Natsuyume Nagisa, Floral Flowlove)
    • Genre: nakige, seasonal (winter), supernatural
    • Release Date: 02/24/12 (PC), 03/23/17 (Vita), 01/26/18 (Android)
    • Rating: 18+ (PC), 17+ (Vita, Android)
    • Scenario: Nijiima Yuu (Natsuyume Nagisa, Summer Pockets)

    Let me put it to you straight, Hatsuyuki Sakura is my favorite visual novel, and probably my favorite game. Tamaki, the main heroine, is "mai waifu." Every failed translation project, I was there. It's become a cause of mine to see it licensed. Why? Because this game deserves to be played by more people. Everybody should have an opportunity to feel the feels I felt. Pyaa~!!

    From a licensing standpoint, Hatsuyuki Sakura is a good choice because it's written by Niijima Yuu, who is writing Key's newest title. "From the writer of Key's newest game" will be a selling point among casual visual novel fans. More hardcore fans are already familiar with Niijima's reputation. HatsuSaku is also a very pretty game, so there's no need to worry about it looking outdated. And there isn't a definitive winter-themed title officially released in English, so NekoNyan would be cornering that market.


    From the first snowfall until the sakura blossom, we celebrate your graduation.






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  11. I was helping out on the original fan project before the machine translation, but it got C&D'd. I'd love to see Flyable Heart and its spin-offs get translated. 

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  12. I hate that the first post I'm making is negative, but please consider this constructive criticism.

    Both NekoNyan's website and its game translations have multiple spelling and grammar errors that make them look unprofessional.

    Specific to the website, uncensore should be uncensor or, more properly, uncensored.

    Looking over the screenshots of Fureraba that have been posted online, I was immediately struck by the missing punctuation. Namely, the missing commas. I have to wait until I buy the game next week to delve deeper, but the problems with punctuation were pervasive in what I saw. What's the beta testing process like for titles? How many betas are used and how long is the testing period? Are there any experienced betas on staff? (;))

    Anyway, I'd recommend fixing these problems and tightening up quality control. I like the type of visual novel that NekoNyan licenses, so I want it to stick around.