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  1. 3 hours ago, Tsukishiro said:

    As Michael said, fandiscs aren't at profitable as the original VN for what they're worth, which is extremely unfortunate. I'm glad Mangagamer and Nekonyan are doing them, but I'm still waiting for things like Harvest Festa, Eternal Heart, and the [Pulltop] fandiscs. 

    Harvest Festa is included in Rewrite+, the version of the game that was licensed for English release. Eternal Heart was part of the Hoshimemo kickstarter. As for Pulltop titles... MoeGamer is crap, so don't get your hopes up.

  2. Getting back on topic, I recommend putting the date of the last page update at the top of the Project Progress page. Also, please don't feel that making a big blog post is necessary every time progress is updated. If there's no other news, just change the percentages and date of last update.

  3. 1e09a5b452576965ecd4e6005db3c47fb59b5927_hq.gif.0e565b225fa36e51c61fdee10eaa2d84.gif

    What's your latest anime fix? Are you streaming this season's hottest shows? Rewatching an old favorite? Marathoning a classic series? Maybe all three at once? Well, here's the place to tell everyone  what you're currently watching. Please stay on topic and create a separate discussion thread if you wish to discuss a series in-depth.

  4. I'm really excited to finally see the Majo Koi Nikki announcement (I did a little editing work on it in the early stages.) It's a wonderful nakige by my favorite scenario writer, Niijima Yuu. Please try it out.

    Other licenses I'm interested in:

    • Totono
    • YU-NO
    • Island (although this isn't really a new license)
    • HaruKuru
    • 9 -Nine- Episode 1
    • Lilycle Rainbow Stage!!!

  5. 6 hours ago, Veshurik said:

    Oh... Nekonyan, are you poor after getting two new licences? Oh, no... I hope you will be alright.

    Everything will be fine. NekoNyan will have money once more of its licenses are released. Right now, the company is in the startup phase, which requires a large initial investment.

  6. 1 minute ago, Neb Neb said:

    Yes, that works. I already did that with my private account but still, there is sadly no option to straight up delete false tags as a game dev/publisher on steam or an easy report function so steam can delete them.

    Over time the "real" tags will be left over

    A report function would be nice, considering how many visual novels end up with the "sexual content" and "nudity" tags solely because they're visual novels.