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  1. 2 hours ago, Virgin Smasher said:

    Akatsuki Works isn't a part of AkabeiSoft2.

    Akatsuki Works is the same brand as Hello Lady, however, so the status of AkabeiSoft2 isn't really relevant.

  2. 20 hours ago, gfrank2018 said:

    I was expecting to see any of the novels I want localized (Walkure Romanze, Amakano, Lovely x Cation) but there was none. Seems almost no one shares my taste on VNs lol

    All of those are on the list of titles guaranteed entry into the tournament. There's no need for them to go through the nomination phase.

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  3. 19 minutes ago, blueskydreams said:

    It’s a little hard to get excited when you are still waiting to play the other game from the same company. This is like how Sekai Project grabbed three Yuzusoft games and still hasn’t released the first one that they had licensed. I thought Chuablesoft went bankrupt? This doesn’t make any sense.

    The rights issues to chuablesoft's titles have been taken care of, and the games are back on track. As such, MG now feels comfortable revealing the second title they acquired along with SukiSuki. This isn't a new license—they've been sitting on it the whole time.

  4. I was thinking about it some more, and how about a cat that's just a shape/blob with a face, ears, and tail? It's cute, girls from any title could be drawn with it, and it can be made into a plush.

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  5. I'd love to see NekoNyan translate the HD Renewal editions of these popular and highly-rated titles from Hooksoft (Melty Moment.) More charage are always welcome.

    Strawberry Nauts


    Seitarou starts his first year of high school by moving away from home to the Goukoukan school. Of course, he's surprised when told that he'll be living in the girl's dorm! To be precise, he will be staying in an annex of the dorm because the boy's dorm is full. That day, he meets with the other residents (who are all girls, of course)— senpai Asagiri and Aisa, childhood friend Itsuki, school chairman's daughter Houmi, timid and petite Yao, bright Touko, and childish teacher Chiyori.

    It's one year later, and the dorm's residents are like a close-knit family. While everyone spends their time and energy doing what they love (be it club activities or student council duties), Haruto uses his now famous cooking skills to make sure food is ready when they wake up in the morning and come back after school. With the addition of two first year girls, clumsy Mikamo and serious Suzume, the new school year starts. Who will Haruto end up with?

    SuGirly Wish


    Junpei is designated as the male dorm leader at his stylish, western-style dorms for the new school year. While he's unsure about whether or not he can do the job well, his childhood friend, Megumi, smiles and assures him that he’ll be fine. Encouraged by her angelic smile, he decides to try his hand at it. But no matter where he looks, there are problem children in love. Even the school has its own mysteries, with a chapel that seems to be meaningful and rumors of a fountain that grants wishes. Then his little sister, Hina, stands on the podium during the entrance ceremony and declares that she loves her big brother and she plans to make him hers, causing all the students to aspire to fall in love as well.


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  6. 2 hours ago, Periah250 said:

    Yea of course but it seems like it's all they release now. sure they have a bunch of novels awaiting release but that hardly means anything when they only release one of those when the stars align.

    MG releases one title per month.

    Current titles awaiting release:

    • 2 yuri games
    • 3 BL games
    • 1 otome game
    • 4 nukige
    • 4 RPGs
    • 5 moege
    • 2 plot games
    • more Higurashi

  7. 3 hours ago, RisingChaos said:

    For example, I'd be hesitent right now to buy Hapymaher from MG, end up really enjoying it, then later find out they have no plans to localize the FD because it sold poorly.

    Just checked with marketing, and HapyMaher is selling well.

    Sonohana New Gen has never been on Steam, so there's still a chance for that franchise.

  8. On 8/5/2018 at 8:23 AM, blueskydreams said:

    I would be lying if I said that nothing that they have licensed didn’t interest me. The titles I really want to read from them are Damekoi and Trinoline. 

    What about SukiSuki?

  9. 10 hours ago, blueskydreams said:

    I used to follow, support, and look to Mangagamer for all of the titles I would like play if they weren't fan-translated. But for some reason, all of the titles that they have been releasing have been Otome, Yuri, and others that have been just rather 'blah' in their premises.

    HapyMaher just came out. Have you given that a try, or do you consider it 'blah'?