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  1. Tamaki Sakura

    Favorite manga

    My favorite manga is Kagen no Tsuki (Last Quarter), by Yazawa Ai. No official translation, unfortunately.
  2. Tamaki Sakura

    Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou

    That's not entirely fair. They release plenty of stuff by Moonstone, Circus, minori, and other moe/romance brands. As compared to 2 BL games and 2 Waffle games so far. And they tried to get Oretsuba, but no luck.
  3. Tamaki Sakura

    Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou

    MangaGamer tried to get newer Navel titles for years, with no luck. I doubt NekoNyan can do any better.
  4. The power of 「ぴゃー!!」compels you. Title: Hatsuyuki Sakura Brand: SAGA PLANETS (Natsuyume Nagisa, Floral Flowlove) Genre: nakige, seasonal (winter), supernatural Release Date: 02/24/12 (PC), 03/23/17 (Vita), 01/26/18 (Android) Rating: 18+ (PC), 17+ (Vita, Android) Scenario: Nijiima Yuu (Natsuyume Nagisa, Summer Pockets) Let me put it to you straight, Hatsuyuki Sakura is my favorite visual novel, and probably my favorite game. Tamaki, the main heroine, is "mai waifu." Every failed translation project, I was there. It's become a cause of mine to see it licensed. Why? Because this game deserves to be played by more people. Everybody should have an opportunity to feel the feels I felt. Pyaa~!! From a licensing standpoint, Hatsuyuki Sakura is a good choice because it's written by Niijima Yuu, who is writing Key's newest title. "From the writer of Key's newest game" will be a selling point among casual visual novel fans. More hardcore fans are already familiar with Niijima's reputation. HatsuSaku is also a very pretty game, so there's no need to worry about it looking outdated. And there isn't a definitive winter-themed title officially released in English, so NekoNyan would be cornering that market. From the first snowfall until the sakura blossom, we celebrate your graduation.
  5. Tamaki Sakura

    Project status for upcoming titles question.

    True. Although I prefer to keep line lengths similar to the original, if possible, to complement the voice acting.
  6. Tamaki Sakura

    Hatsuyuki Sakura - Because 「ぴゃー!!」

    Even better.
  7. Tamaki Sakura

    Project status for upcoming titles question.

    Sanoba has more words in katakana and hiragana.
  8. Tamaki Sakura

    GOG have opened up to releasing VNs

    *toot toot* All aboard the GOG train!
  9. Tamaki Sakura

    Monobeno ~Happy End

    Let's just get back on topic.
  10. Tamaki Sakura

    Monobeno ~Happy End

    The games were were reported by a conservative Christian group, not "SJW." Get your information straight before placing blame.
  11. This is so hypocritical.
  12. Tamaki Sakura

    Visual Novels for the learnings

    Go take a course at your local community college, you lazy otaku.
  13. Tamaki Sakura

    Typos and Quality Control

  14. My problem is more that my VN backlog has become so big that I don't know where to start.
  15. Tamaki Sakura

    How will the physical releases be done?

    Let's keep the politics out of things. Thank you.
  16. Tamaki Sakura

    PR/Website/Social Media Manager?

    Has NekoNyan thought about getting someone to manage their website/blog and establish a social media presence? The current employees seem too busy to update very often.
  17. Title: Ashita no Kimi to Au Tame ni Brand: Purple Software Genre: nakige, supernatural, seasonal (summer) Release Date: November 30th, 2007 Rating: 18+ Scenario: Kagami Yuu (ef - a fairy tale of the two., eden*), Kitagawa Hare (Noble Works, Tenshin Ranman) Fandisc: Ashita no Nanami to Au Tame ni ~Ashita no Kimi to Au Tame ni~ Fandisc Saya-chin—my first waifu. Mikazejima—an island surrounded on all sides by the blue sea. A deep forest, which people were forbidden to approach, grew at its heart. Yashiro Shuuji lived on Mikazejima when he was a child. Although he currently lived in the city, he wanted to return to the island someday. One day, a letter with an invitation to attend Suzumori Academy arrived from Shuuji's cousin, Mikaze Rika. Shuuji decided to take advantage of this offer and return to the island. While revisiting that nostalgic place after such a long absence, there were little incidents and unexpected reunions. It was a bit different from what he had imagined, but the scene Shuuji wished to see was indeed there. School life at the famous preparatory school, Suzumori Academy was relentless, but cheerful laughter could always be heard. This was how Tashiro Shuuji's new life began. And, as time passed, he remembered one thing. Mikazejima—that was the place where the gods were last witnessed in this world. China Dress... yum. I love AsuKimi. It was one of the first Japanese-only VN I became interested in. There are so many wonderful things about it: great soundtrack, good writing, and a diverse cast of characters. You're guaranteed to find at least one girl who strikes your fancy; it may be your delicate oujo-sama neighbor, or the pint-sized senpai who runs the drama club, or even your cousin (and homeroom teacher.) And that's only half of the girls. Not to mention the two new routes in the fandisc, including fan favorite character Nanami. Seriously, pick this up. Game OP CG Promo
  18. Tamaki Sakura

    "Light" VN's localization

    I'm not a huge fan of chuuni games, but I would like to see their often forgotten nakige, Tapestry, licensed.
  19. Tamaki Sakura

    Ashita no Kimi to Au Tame ni: memories, missing persons, and moe

    Is that supposed to be a bad thing?
  20. Tamaki Sakura

    Ashita no Kimi to Au Tame ni: memories, missing persons, and moe

    Best side girl with her own fandisc. (Kuudere Saya is best girl, btw.)
  21. Tamaki Sakura

    Ashita no Kimi to Au Tame ni: memories, missing persons, and moe

    Sorry, Ruriko is the sweet oujo-sama type. http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm7167750
  22. Tamaki Sakura

    Request for Hello Lady!

    Thanks for keeping the hope alive.
  23. Tamaki Sakura

    Font page update?

    Some editing wouldn't hurt, either. For instance, I redid the "About Us" section of the front page: (Sorry for double posting, but I felt the time gap was big enough to justify its own post.)
  24. These are the games that had the most impact on me when I first started reading VN.
  25. Tamaki Sakura

    Font page update?

    You might want to at least update with some spellcheck on the existing pages.