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  1. Tamaki Sakura

    Bradyon Veda

    Akatsuki Works is the same brand as Hello Lady, however, so the status of AkabeiSoft2 isn't really relevant.
  2. Tamaki Sakura

    How weeb is your room?!

    Currently, I have a few Nendoroids and anime blu-rays on my bookshelves. I've pretty much switched over to digital media, so there's not a lot to show off. If you asked me a decade ago, on the other hand...
  3. Tamaki Sakura


    Welcome to the madhouse.
  4. Tamaki Sakura

    Aokana overseas announcement

    Maybe it's Sol Press? All of their titles are at or near completion.
  5. All of those are on the list of titles guaranteed entry into the tournament. There's no need for them to go through the nomination phase.
  6. Okay, folks, let's play nice. No name-calling or personal insults.
  7. The rights issues to chuablesoft's titles have been taken care of, and the games are back on track. As such, MG now feels comfortable revealing the second title they acquired along with SukiSuki. This isn't a new license—they've been sitting on it the whole time.
  8. No love for Byakko? Having said that, I was disappointed too (although I like yuri, and am looking forward to Amrilato.)
  9. Well, E17 got an official release.
  10. Tamaki Sakura

    Company Mascot

    I was thinking about it some more, and how about a cat that's just a shape/blob with a face, ears, and tail? It's cute, girls from any title could be drawn with it, and it can be made into a plush.
  11. I'd love to see NekoNyan translate the HD Renewal editions of these popular and highly-rated titles from Hooksoft (Melty Moment.) More charage are always welcome. Strawberry Nauts SuGirly Wish
  12. Tamaki Sakura

    New Forum theme

    I love the new forum theme!
  13. Don't ask me. I hate it too. (For the protagonist. I like turn-based RPGs.)
  14. Rance is probably MangaGamer's bestselling title. If you like seeing plot-focused titles licensed, Rance and nukige are what allows that to happen.
  15. MG releases one title per month. Current titles awaiting release: 2 yuri games 3 BL games 1 otome game 4 nukige 4 RPGs 5 moege 2 plot games more Higurashi