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  1. Kiriyaaoi

    Could you give an update on some future releases?

    Hiya- the steam releases of the Drama CDs are waiting on the Chinese translations at the moment. Fureraba: The "complete" version is waiting on a switch port- the additional content doesn't add up to that much so if you want to read it now go for it. M*L Fandisc: We will definitely be releasing the FD at some point, we just aren't sure where it will fit into our schedule as of yet.
  2. Nekonyan QC (also tbac sux ;D)

  3. Kiriyaaoi

    Kin'iro Loveriche

    I've been wanting this one for a while myself... Time to go shill it to akerou!
  4. Kiriyaaoi

    Resume Downloads

    I dunno, I'm still having downloads fail on me every time, after anywhere from instantly to 5 minutes. I've tried Chrome, Firefox, and J-downloader, and the result is the same, even the multipart downloads fail after a few minutes. I'm pretty tempted at this point to repurchase on fakku and request a refund. Is there an ETA on the fixes for the downloads failing?