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  1. Skarren

    More announcements this year ?

    Walkure romance would be great, but doubtfull. I had two wishes for nekonyans august anouncements, i got one of them. Would be far too greedy for more now i guess :p
  2. I was curious, so i figured i'd make a topic about it. Whats the status on the Fureraba fan disc's release? The release was said too be in september, and with 2 weeks left i figured the release date would have been anounced by now, or atleast a status update on the progress tracker, which was last updated august the 25th. With that being said, sooooo close to Sanoba witch now, can't wait!
  3. Skarren

    August announcements!

    sooooo happy right now! Aokana will be a treat too read, i really liked the anime, but it barely scratched the surface of the story, as most anime based on visual novels do unless they focus on a single route, like Mashiro symphony (who picked the best girl! :p) that summer 2019 release though......if it was not for the fact that i really want melty moment and suki to suki badly, i'd campaign for putting everything on hold for Aokana
  4. Skarren

    August announcements!

    The first anouncement wasn't really my cup of tea, as i like more light hearted stories, but with that being said, i'll probably still get it. Got too expand my horizons at one point :p Still got my hopes up for the second anouncement being Ao No Kanata, i had hoped for that and walkure rommance, seems that got squashed :p Looking forward too tomorrows anouncement :) that being said, with your now established relationship with Hikari Field, please please please PLEASE help them get Tayutama 2 out! i want that game sooo bad
  5. Skarren

    Regular Update Schedule For Project Status

    Really looking forward to them anouncing the two mystery titles, but i also want more info on Fureraba's fandisc! if it keeps too it's september schedule, that means within a month and i need more Yuzuyu and Misaki.
  6. Flight diary releasing *sniff* brings a tear too my eye, can't wait, and coming soon, could one hope within a month or two?
  7. There are definently a few mangagamer titles i'm looking forward too, BokuTen and If you love me then say so, but unfortunatley according too an email i got from them when i asked a couple of weeks ago, both have hit some sort of develoupment snag they didn't really elaborate on. Think If you love me then say so's dev went belly up though so that might be it for that one. For their other titles, only Amaterasu and Trinoline really interests me from what they have anounced right now, other titles are mostly ranging from "meh" too "thats disgustingly disturbing!" (Maggot bites :p) On the other hand, there are other companies with visual novels i am EAGERLY awaiting, Sol Press FINALLY got the greenlight for "Newton and the apple tree" for release next week so thats hopefully going too be fun :) Their "Sakura Sakura" title also seems fun. NekonyanSoft has a whole lot of titles that i'm interested inn, all of them infact, Sanoba Witch and Melty Moment stands at the top of that list, with Furerabas fan disc also ranks highly although it's short. So far Nekonyan has anounced titles that are just what i like, rom-coms, i am looking forward too the two suposedly big titles they are anouncing this month, i have my hopes so we will see if that get's fullfilled or crushed
  8. Well as the topic says, this is something thats been bugging me for a few years now, or rather irritated me greatly honestly. You get highly anticipated visual novel releases, which is great, but often their "true route" endings are pretty much screaming there is more, but we never get more. Take Da Capo 3, it's sequel PP is pretty much a new game, it's what 10 to 30 hours i believe on the visual novel database, and continues the modern day setting, Mangagamer unfortunatley as of my inquiery a few months ago, has absolutley no plans on releasing this sequel. While thats fine in general, the problem i have is that the end of the true route has in big bold letters "too be continued" >_< Hapymaher, recently released from mangagamer also has a fan disc/sequel in the 10 to 30 hour length range, and again the true route just screams you need the sequel to be satisfied, i doubt we are ever getting this over here But this is not a problem only Mangagamer has, but more two examples i came up with, i figure there are numerous reasons they don't pick up the fan discs, alot of the time they are pretty much mostly adult secenes that don't really bring much extra too the story, but when you get full length vn's in the sequels, it's depressing What are your opinions on this? could it possibly be solved by having crowdfunding for fandiscs, so publishers can see if there is a real interest in them? And on an end note, i am really happy that NekoNyanSoft have chosen to release the Fureraba fan disc, while not super long, the fact that we are getting it at all is something i really appreciate, and i hope the possibility for the short fan disc for "Melty Moment" will also be something considered for the future.
  9. Skarren

    Blog post 06.30.2018 Discussion

    Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm and Walkure Rommance would really make me happy if we got Shame too see "Hello goodbye" get delayed, but if it means a more polished product that's by no means a bad thing, it wasn't my most anticipated release of those anounced anyways But i am curious, will the dealy of Hello Goodbye affect "Melty Moment" and "Suki to Suki" release schedule? these two titles i am by far more interested in then Hello Goodbye But Sanoba of the witch is probably my most anticipated Visual Novel this year so that can't come fast enough
  10. Skarren

    Your Top 3 Visual Novels

    In no particular order these are my three absolute favorite visual novels, i'm not really able to place them in a best to worst order, just the top three i have. Princess Evangile with the fandisc, it's really enjoyable for a huge rom-com fan like myself, i still weep over the fact that Mitsuki only has a fan disc route as she's my absolute favorite character in the game. Given that i'd probably go with Ritsuko as the main game winner. If my heart had wings, say what you want about the quality of the translation, it's certianly not perfect, not even by a longshot. But i absolutley loved Kotori's story in this game, i pretty much ignored the other routes, i did try Ageha, but cencored or not, her route and her character in her own route is just....blergh, having it uncencored would just make it worse in my opinion So as far as i'm concerned, Kotori's route is the main game and thats it! ^^ A Sky full of stars, is probably my third on the list, again i really enjoyed the game, but not all routes, i absolutley adored Saya as a character and loved her route the most, i felt her story also tied the best into the main story. While i liked Hikari more then Ageha from If my heart had wings, i still hated how she ended up in her own route, too many similarities to Ageha in my opinion. Orihimes route was also quite enjoyable, but i felt she didn't fit as well with the overal story, Korona i was never that much a fan of so her route was completed mostly because i just had her left. Honorable mentiones goes to Fureraba and Momoiro Closet, both extremly enjoyable, but a couple of things made them not enter my top three, for Fureraba it's simply because while i love the 4 girls, the main character sometimes anoyed the living crap out of me Momoiro closet didn't have the same problem, the main characters were both great, and the sweet route was a great rom-com story, but it suffered from being such a short game. In my opinion they should have cut the "spicy" route, which was basically just porn, and just focused on the sweet route, making it longer. This list might change in the upcoming months though as there are a TONN of titles i'm anticipating. from Mangagamer: Hapymaher, Bokuten, Amatarasu Riddle Star and Trinoline From Sol Press: Newton and the apple tree, this just sounds hilarious and i can't wait to play it (should release any day now if steam would just approve it) Sakura Sakura, and their third title that i forget the name at the moment. NekoNyansoft, everything they have anounced seems fun
  11. Skarren

    Favorite manga

    Ah where to start.....i buy a truckload of manga off bookwalker all the time so i read alot. But my favorites first amongst finished titles: Mayo chiki, i just love this one, it's not that long, about 7 volumes. But it's completed and a definitive ending, not that open ended crap they changed the anime into https://global.bookwalker.jp/series/54184/ The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan, it's a spin off to the Haruhi series, and in my opinion it's more enjoyable, this is a rom-com focused story more that the Haruhi is though. https://global.bookwalker.jp/series/75707/ For ongoing titles i follow several, but currently my two absolute favorites are: Horimiya, This is a romantic comedy i really love, the characters are great, the humour is good and i feel the pacing is pretty decent, no forced drama like i feel a lot of similar titles have. https://global.bookwalker.jp/series/75658/ And My monster secrert, actualy i am. This is probably one of my all time favorite mangas https://global.bookwalker.jp/series/130143/
  12. I wouldn't mind Sanoba finishing first at all that being said i've been looking forward to all anounced titles, so i'll gobble up what ever comes first As for Sanoba being almost twice the length of HGB, how is Sanobas length compared to say Fureraba? Anyways, thanks for updating the progress tracker
  13. Well as the topic says, i'm curious if we might be seeing an update to the progress tracker of current projects soon. Hello Goodbye is acording to the FAQ scheduled for summer, but there hasn't really been any updates to the progress tracker since before Furerabas release. Now i'm well aware these release dates are at best an optimistic schedule, and i'd rather wait for a better product then a rushed one. But with a progress tracker, i'm also curious too see updates as the translations and editing comes along
  14. The two mangagamer titles are both Yuri ones, considering whats actually being left on steam, one got to wonder at times. and neither one of them have anything even remotley close to rape, violence incest or trafficking. I mean Kindred spirits's adult scenes couldn't even fit the softcore porn label if they tried.... Now i buy most of my visual novels on non steam platforms already. But when available on steam i do tend to go there for the convenience. At times i wonder if it's the availability of the adult patches publishers make available to go around the steam policy that might have been one of the factors for this move. It might be that in the end, you will need to go to mangagamer, denpasoft etc for the adult versions and you only get the all ages editions on steam with no patch availability. But i'm all for mangagamers initiative inviting develoupers and publishers to work with them, both frontwing and sekai have been using Denpasoft for some titles and having a few large publishing storefronts would be good. So i'm hoping smaller studious will take up mangagamers offer and they can come to a resonable deal, as Mangagamer will probably want a piece of the cake for taking care of the sales and such, which is completly understandable. Will be interesting too see where this goes, as i'm sure Visual novels are only the first target, things like this tend to reach absurd heights at times. And as allways, seeing a boob, is clearly more damaging to the mind of a teenager then blowing up people by the hundreds Western logic may it die quickly.
  15. Read this today at mangagamers blog: http://blog.mangagamer.org/2018/05/18/regarding-recent-inquires-into-steam-content-policy-notices/ Steam already removed one mangagamer title earlier this year from the store, and according to the blog post, it seems not only mangagamer have had troubles recently with getting VN's approved for Steam releases. Sad develoupment honestly :-( there is so much questionable content on steam already, but anime nipples seem to be much worse