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  1. fisty123

    Zombie no Afureta Sekai de Ore Dake ga Osowarenai

    I was looking at this a couple of days ago and went, yep that would be a nice one to read along with the two volumes after it (Once released in Japan)
  2. I have wanted to read Melty Moment for some time now but Yuzusoft do some nice work so Sanoba Witch might take 1st spot. I do like the Description of Hello,good-bye so this might be a hidden gem but time will tell. Suki to Suki to de Sankaku Ren'ai does sound like something I would enjoy but that is still another year away so I not given it much thought yet.
  3. fisty123

    Typos and Quality Control

    I never expect perfect when it comes to translation, Just look at something like Chrono Clock or If My Heart Had Wings they were both a mess (Just to name two of many) Even in anime you can get 10 people to translate a series and all 10 will be slighty different. I am enoying it so far (Not a big fan of the MC at the start but he slowly startinf to grow on me) I do fell the translation might be a tad too westernised but I understand this appeals more to the common reader so I can look over that. A patch might improve some of the minor issues with things like punctuation but I am not going to wait given the game is 100% readable.
  4. fisty123

    Resume Downloads

    Got all 5 parts downloaded, as there are some speed issues still I would say to everyone to download a file at a time instead of all five at once. Game is installed and working. Yay!
  5. fisty123

    Resume Downloads

    Nice work over the past 10 hours or since I left. So far so good, a tad slower then my normal speed but I have 3 files downloaded thus far with not one dropping out so I don't mind the slow speeds.
  6. fisty123

    Resume Downloads

    I will never so no to free things however this your first title and things do go wrong no matter how much we plan for them so I personally am not upset over it but I could see that others might be. Either way I plan on buying all listed titles under NekoNyan because all of them sound like they will be good reads and I have been waiting to read Melty Moment for a while now. So if you give me coins I will use them but again I am not angry or upset with what has taken place.
  7. fisty123

    Resume Downloads

    Yeah I assume this is the correct, the first download link does point to the "My Library" page since my account was made active, but again I don't mind if its showing or not. Almost finished Yves's story which was my second girl. but I think I am enjoying this one more then the first. Anyway happy downloading
  8. fisty123

    Resume Downloads

    I am doing Koiken Otome at the moment, Kept putting it off so thought now would be a good time to give it another go.
  9. fisty123

    Resume Downloads

    Now the fun part, hope you get it first turn As for showing on the website mine is still blank but I have the email link saying I brought it so its good enough for me.
  10. fisty123

    Resume Downloads

    Thought I had it his time 62% and cut out. That's the best I got so far but it was going a lot slower then the past couple.
  11. fisty123

    Request for Walkure Romanze - Shoujo Kishi Monogatari

    Both Walkure Romanze and Princess Lover! need a translation I support this cult mentioned above.
  12. fisty123

    Flyable Heart

    I used the "Machine" translation for this and yes it was very poor but even with that translation it was an amazing read. There were reports of another fan translation group who started doing an actual translation but I have not heard much about it for a while now.
  13. fisty123

    Resume Downloads

    Welcome to Australia where we have terrible internet speeds and my location can not get the faster (NBN) connection we have over here so was going at around 850KB/s when this one timed out. I just tested another download program and it too stopped at around 7% an error message on this one said "Remote server closed the connection" and when you try and reconnect it will just timeout.
  14. fisty123

    Resume Downloads

    I have had the Fueraba download drop out on me twice and both times the resume download will not work. This could be my downloading program but I have had no issues with this program in the past. Is the resume download an option that can be looked at for future releases?
  15. fisty123

    Fureraba release

    All good no rush like I did, I just wanted to show the support early and be able to start a new VN . The order email does have a link to request a new dl link but I will wait a bit until it is fixed.