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  1. Litherian

    Resume Downloads

    This seems to be working for me, I can live with a slow download speed. Also, just thought I'd say, while there have obviously been some, completely understandable, technical teething issues with your first release, you have all done an extremely good job of keeping us all in the loop and being proactive in solving problems as they come up. I think we all appreciate your efforts to get the game to us as quickly as possible despite quite a few setbacks.
  2. Litherian

    Resume Downloads

    Unfortunately still happening here too.
  3. Litherian

    Resume Downloads

    Unfortunately, I'm also redirected to the same error page.
  4. Litherian

    Can't login

    That is indeed the case. Thank you very much for your help and quick reply.
  5. Litherian

    Can't login

    I seem to be having the same issue as twisted previously was. I managed to log in earlier, and purchase the game, but now any attempt to log in results in a warning that 'The selected email is invalid or the account needs to be activated. I've tried to activate my account again only for it to tell me that I am not awaiting validation, while my attempt to reset my password, just to see if that would fix the problem, led to an error page. Any help would be greatly appreciated.