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    Gore Screaming Show

    It's about time to recommend my final plotge for a while, just to give my other requests more of a chance. This one had a translation for a while, but it died off randomly and I really want a good translation of this VN. Gore Screaming Show Plot Synopsis: Gore Screaming Show begins with the return of Kyouji Jinno, a relatively unassuming yet personable student, to the remote suburban community of his early childhood. With his parents still employed overseas, Kyouji takes up residence with his aunt, a cheerful woman with an unusual passion for occult research and relatively carefree regard to responsibilities. In this eased environment, Kyouji finds many opportunities to pursue leisure activities, rekindling friendships with several girls he once knew, now maturating into beautiful women. Soon thereafter, Kyouji accepts a request from his aunt to help unravel mysteries concerning paranormal phenomena she is investigating. They immediately set off, accompanied by friends in tow, to an ominous undeveloped forest that borders the town. After discussing details of an obscure local myth, the group splits to cover more ground, whereupon Kyouji stumbles across a decayed well. Suddenly an adolescent girl appears, candidly forthcoming and friendly in disposition towards Kyouji, but holding venomous hatred for his female companion. When the encounter is suddenly cut short, the nameless child inexplicably vanishes without a trace. The forest expedition is then repeated a second time, further arousing the attention of the mysterious young girl: an interest that inaugurates events of chaotic death and destruction in its wake... all committed in the pursuit of happiness once denied. What I want this VN: It's dark. It's horrific. It's disturbing. It's perfect for a person like me. My friend turned me onto this VN a while back and it looks really goddamn good. Plus, Black Cyc is a really cool company overall, so getting their partnership would be great. I really hope this can be localized one day as it would be really interesting to read. That and ChronoBox for sure.
  2. Necroing this thread due to an update. I've managed to read most of KamiMaho in Japanese and it is a great VN. Would recommend a company to try and get this license from Uguisu Kagura. The heroines are mostly top tier (can't say why as that'd be spoilery), the story is engaging and emotionally taxing (in a good way), the writing is beautiful, the twists are insane, and Kisaki is a kami imouto. Will probably update this once I get the final two endings, but I'm eager to see how this amazing VN ends.
  3. Hello. My name is Virgin Smasher and I am here to start a weekly thread series known as my 2 VNs that I recommend to be considered for localization. Warning: I have not played any of these VNs, so opinions I have on the VNs are most likely repeated from other sources. Well, let's get into this, shall we? First VN: Kami no Ue no Mahoutsukai Plot Synopsis from VNDB: This is the debut game for Uguisu Kagura, which succeeds Yonaki Uguisu. There was a small library on that island. It was the Yuugyouji family’s private library built solely for one girl, Yoruko, who didn’t attend school and spent all her time there. With lots of intriguing books on its shelves, there was no happier place for a bookworm like her. There were also other wonderful and pleasant people who resided there: the protagonist Ruri and his cool sharp-tongued imouto Kisaki, the freeloading tennen moodmaker Rio, and the curious and honest “detective” Kanata. It’s as if they were all brought together by someone or something. Their love of books was the beginning of their youth. Before long, the lonely library became full of light and they became close like childhood friends. Two years later, Ruri returned to the library after leaving the island due to family matters. Nothing seemed to have changed from six years ago, except that there was a secret which they were not aware of back then: “Anything that is written in the magic book will become reality”. If it’s a romance novel, then a miracle-like love story will unfold. If it’s a fantasy novel, then vampires will appear the next day. If it’s a horror novel, then there’ll be a ghost beckoning you from behind. Yoruko’s strong will. Kisaki’s beauty. Rio’s cheerfulness. Kanata’s brilliance. Let’s fall in love with them and books. My take: Yes, I know this can seem like some light-hearted moege or a fun charage or something, but this VN isn't how it really seems. It's a nakige and almost utsuge according to some and it has a lot of mystery to it, which is why it interests me. Not to mention aspects of the plot synopsis are intriguing as hell and open up a lot of possibilities for the story to go to. Finally, the company that made this VN hasn't been snatched up by any of the major VN licensers, so they're fair game to discuss licensing with. I do hope some company considers localizing this VN eventually. Second VN: Gurenka Plot Synopsis from VNDB: Ryouji lives in the secluded mountain town of Sakai-chou. One day, he received a message on his answering machine not to let anyone into the house no matter who it was. In addition, there was something about the letter on the table, but he couldn’t understand all of it due to the static. He opened the letter anyway and inside was a old sepia-coloured letter, with a strange mark that he recalled seeing at the local abandoned shrine. There was a large stone in the middle and when he approached it, he heard a female voice and he felt a pain in his chest. Returning later due to curiosity, he noticed that the emblem on the stone was glowing. All of a sudden, he was dragged into a dark world and a naked girl Kuon was standing in front of him. She was a spirit that was sealed within the stone hundreds of years ago and she decided to thank him by tearing him to pieces and eating him. Just as suddenly, they were back in the real world and all his injuries were healed. It appeared that he had gained her powers which were within the keystone and so he was thrust into battle to retrieve all the broken shards. What is the other world and the village legend which has been passed down? He set out with Kuon and three other girls to seek the truth. My take: This VN is pretty interesting to me as a chuunige fan and I'm always down for more chuunige to be localized. Also, there's the always great mystery aspect that I love in VNs, not to mention it's a multiple route mystery, which I love. Finally, the plot synopsis has me intrigued in how the story will actually go, despite the fact that the time loop may ruin the story overall. Also, only virgin heroines. Always a bonus. That is all for this week from me. I do hope NekoNyan takes these VNs into consideration whenever they get around to finding new licenses. Until next week, see you guys.
  4. Virgin Smasher

    Deatte 5-fun wa Ore no Mono! Jikan Teishi to Atropos

    We're more bullying the company for shamelessly ripping off a decent moege.
  5. Virgin Smasher

    Deatte 5-fun wa Ore no Mono! Jikan Teishi to Atropos

    >copying Chrono Clock plot without having somebody on the same level as Mikage as the writer Why does this game exist again?
  6. Virgin Smasher

    Otome Riron to Sono Shuuhen -Ecole de Paris-

    You'd be lucky to get them to give the license for TsuRiotsu, let alone its sequel.
  7. Virgin Smasher

    Shinsou Noise ~Jushin Tantei no Jikenbo~

    I've decided to cut the weekly thing since I really don't have a lot of time to pick them out. However, I will drop localization recommendations from time to time, seeing as the quality for releases is above average with a few things in need of fixing. Here is my recommendation for this post: Shinsou Noise Plot Synopsis from VNDB This is the debut game for Azurite. Shizunomiya is a commuter town located on the outskirts of a big city. It has many urban landmarks, while still being full of nature on the sea side. In the middle of this town is Shizunomiya Gakuen, whose students often flock to the city after school to enjoy the wide assortment of entertainment there. Kazuma entered the school this spring, but he is no ordinary student. He has the ability to envision the thoughts of others, however he is not able to discern the source. Moreover, these thoughts often overlap one another, creating noise that makes it hard to understand them. While he was born with this ability, he still cannot completely control it and often gets involuntarily exposed to strong thoughts. Nevertheless, he still leads a relatively normal school life. First year students are required to form ‘action groups’ which have to do various events throughout the year. The groups are chosen randomly, and the unsocial Kazuma ended up with seven eccentric members. They didn’t bother to meet up, but just to do enough to fulfill their obligations as an ‘action group’. Shortly thereafter, there was a theft in the girl’s changeroom. This would be the first case for the ‘Reception Detective’ Kazuma. This is a mystery/suspense ADV, so you’ll have to use your detective skills to solve puzzles and crimes. It employs a ‘voices of the heart’ system where you can tell what a character is actually thinking. You’ll have to collect clues to solve the crimes, which quickly escalate from a simple theft. My reasons: I love mystery in VNs and this one has a lot of it, especially with the deduction system. Plus, the tags on VNDB get me really hyped to read this VN as well. It's dark, it's mysterious, it's suspenseful, and it has a really interesting plot. I really hope this gets localized one day, as it would be a treat to be able to read it.
  8. Virgin Smasher

    Dekinai Watashi ga, Kurikaesu

    You're implying that Frontwing will do anything with the license. They still haven't even released Sharin no Kuni.
  9. Virgin Smasher

    Dekinai Watashi ga, Kurikaesu

    AkabeiSoft licenses of any variety are ridiculously difficult to acquire. Wouldn't get your hopes up too much if I were you.
  10. Virgin Smasher

    5 requests in no particular order

    Because that true art involves fucked up shit and people don't like that too much. Also, in the western market, a good amount don't sell too well. Hence why a lot of companies use KS to keep them alive.
  11. Virgin Smasher

    5 requests in no particular order

    Honestly, if you want anything from Makura, the best chance you're gonna have is convincing Frontwing to try to license them and based on Subahibi's sales, that's not looking too likely. Other than those two, Aqua is sorta likely, but I bet if Sorahane were to go with NekoNyan, they'd pick one of their most recent titles like Haruka Kanata (I know, 2014 being recent). Aster is extremely unlikely as the original brand that made Aster is dead and has been for years now. Their parent brand still runs Alcot, so there's a minimal chance there, but licensing older games with weaker art is kinda proven to not do all that well with both hardcore VN fans and random Steam buyers. Gangsta Paradise is the most likely option here, at least from NekoNyan.
  12. Virgin Smasher

    Hello guys

    Hello Lady isn't either of those two, but the other two are.
  13. Virgin Smasher

    Hello guys

    >Chaos;Child avatar >reads mostly non-moege You get a pass in my book. Welcome.
  14. Virgin Smasher

    Natsukumo Yururu

    Makes no sense for Sumikko Soft to hand a title from the same series over to NekoNyan when they're already with SP, but I guess you can be hopeful.
  15. Virgin Smasher

    Bradyon Veda

    I know. I was just referring that to OP in case he got confused and thought that AkabeiSoft2 licensed titles were available because they have a partnership with Akatsuki Works.
  16. Virgin Smasher

    Bradyon Veda

    Akatsuki Works isn't a part of AkabeiSoft2.
  17. Virgin Smasher

    August announcements!

    >Bradyon Veda Since I've heard that VN is ridiculously hard to TL, I'd be more hopeful for RuiTomo or "&" if I were you.
  18. Virgin Smasher

    Blog post 06.30.2018 Discussion

    SakuraGame, from what I've heard, at least have decent Chinese TLs to fall back on. Doesn't really make up for their behaviour though.
  19. Virgin Smasher

    Blog post 06.30.2018 Discussion

    Comparing SP to MoeNovel and SakuraGame is just absolutely hilarious. I know people have a huge stigma against them, but at least they have a few good releases to their name, unlike those two companies.
  20. Virgin Smasher

    How weeb is your room?!

    Tfw Asonn only made this thread so he could brag about his massive collection of weeb shit. w
  21. Virgin Smasher

    Aokana overseas announcement

    They're gonna have to. Chinese companies are a "legitimate" option for companies to go with and they're not gonna stop.
  22. Virgin Smasher

    Aokana overseas announcement

    People just don't want to accept that possibility, even though it's becoming a lot more common as of late.
  23. Virgin Smasher

    Aokana overseas announcement

    Gonna say this is a battle between 3 companies. NekoNyan has a good chance of getting this, but so does a random machine TL company. A lesser candidate is Sekai Project, but I can still see them getting the license.
  24. See, the thing is I don't particularly care if people don't want to hear my opinions. I have an abrasive way of expressing my opinions on things I hate and I'm gonna give my opinion on a subject if it's brought up. Simple as that. If you don't like it, ignore it or actually make a discussion out of it instead of calling somebody an elitist to make yourself feel better about your unimportant opinions.
  25. I have my preferred genres and you have yours. If that makes me an elitist in your eyes, oh well