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  1. Obviously Sanoba Witch, since it's from a big name company. It feels kind of weird that Nekonyansoft has already announced so many other games most people have never heard of, especially when they only have Akerou translating as far as I know. Is he going to go into overdrive and translate all of these games in the next couple years, or is this gonna be another one of those situations where an official VN release takes 5+ years from announcement to release? Seems like that's becoming the norm in this industry.
  2. vvav

    Yosuga no Sora

    I worked on this for a while translating Sora's route. I'm pretty sure that the main reason it's not done is because no one likes Motoka (haha, no, but seriously that is half the problem). It doesn't help that the translation is a bit of a cobbled together mess from like ten different translators either, and some of the translators weren't very good. So even if the raw translation got to 100%, it would need a lot more translation checking and editing work to actually be a finished product that anyone would want to associate their name with.