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  1. Hey you're the first one here! If you're a huge fan of VNs and anime you are in the right place here.
    The forum is a little bit empty right now, but we hope to fill it over the next weeks a bit :)

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  2. We all know the problems the digital age has brought us. So for us to help you in an efficient way, try to be as precise as possible when you post a question or a problem with one of our games.

    We know that it can be frustrating if things don't work the way they are supposed to, but please be respectful and civil.


    We don't tolerate personal insults and hate speech.

    We take these kinds of offenses very seriously.

  3. Like a non-translated Visual Novel? Found a Japanese indie game gem you like to see get a western release?

    Please follow these simple rules before opening a new thread:

    1.  Use the search function to see, if others already started a thread about the game you want to request.
      • Not finding a thread? Feel free to start one yourself.
      • Found an old thread, that maybe got overlooked? Bump it up again with a personal statement.
    2.  Post any information you think is necessary for us to look into your game!
      • Write a personal statement WHY you think this game deserves more love and a western release.

    Please keep in mind that we will not be replying to any of the threads directly. We want to see your unfiltered opinions without our involvement and you can trust us that we'll be keeping a close eye on everything posted here.