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  1. Somehow I forgot to press Submit Replay yesterday night. I guess I was too tired :dontask:

    On 10/22/2018 at 11:45 AM, CrazyYanmega said:

    Question: If I want to send a physical copy as a gift to a friend, can I get it sent directly to him? Or do I need to first receive it, then send it to him myself?

    Yes, that should be possible. Just enter your friend's address as the delivery address and it should show up at his doorstep.



    3 hours ago, MichaelBlueTheKing said:
    9 hours ago, Toshibe said:

    So 0 possibility to buy only the physical?

    Well you get a free Steam key, what's the problem?

    Exactly. It's just a free Steam key on top. You don't have to pay more because it's "physical+digital". :pocky:

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  2. Where did you read that Hello Lady will be out Winter 2018? Maybe you mistook it for Hello Goodbye? In our FAQ for Hello Lady we have the estimated release for Q2 2019.

    That aside we are confident in our release schedule. So far the only hiccup was our disappearing translator for Hello Goodbye and that shouldn't be happening again. But I guess everything could be possible ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

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