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  1. We are reading everything here. Just not as frequent as a year ago because most of the action is now on our discord channel! :notlooking:

    And of course, we can't/won't comment on every single request regarding new titles. We treat this section of the forum more like a "poll" where we can see and watch how much interest in different titles there are and then decide if we want to look into licensing them!


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  2. Hmm that is indeed strange. And yeah a lot of the original Japanese versions have these CPU usage issues. A lot of them use the same engines.
    I will forward this info to our programmers and they will look into it.

    I hope it doesn't impact your playthrough that much :nani:

  3. Yup thanks, we know about this issue and are investigating it but the problem stems from the older engine of the base game that was used.

    Maybe the same fix that worked for Sanoba works for Sankaku, where you limit the fps the application :nani:

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  4. Uhm okay

    1. Download the game on steam (fresh install) - If you already played a bit and have some save files you have to delete/move your savedata folder out of the install directory

    2. download the patch, extract it and replace the 2 files from the patch folder with the 2 files from the game install directory

    3. that should be it and you should be able to enjoy the 18+ scenes in all their glory 


  5. It's definitely not canceled! I'm sorry for our long silence on this matter but we had to shift priorities around a bit.

    Our first physical Edition will be for Aokana. So you will be able to see how we will try to handle all our physical sales in the future.

    We underestimated how much time and preparation is needed to offer physical editions for a game.

    We want to do things right from the start and don't want to set a bad precedent, with a messy first physical sale, for future physical sales.

    We will keep definitely keep you posted on this matter at the latest when we finish the physical sale for Aokana! 


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  6. 1 hour ago, RisingChaos said:

    Or at least have a Twitter feed embedded on the sidebar or something (like MangaGamer has on theirs) so the page doesn't look like it's been abandoned.

    Yeah we are thinking about how we want to remodel our mainpage right now and yeah a twitter feed is definitly one of the things that's missing.

    1 hour ago, RisingChaos said:

    Now that I have your attention... Suki to Suki English title when?

    We are actually working on that right now and try to come up with logo so... soon!


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