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  1. Sadly the process of making and delivering physical editions is a long one. After showing you guys what would be included in the physical editions there will be a (pre-)order time period. After confirming the number of orders we will then send them to the manufacturer and after that's finished we still have to mail them around the world. All in all that process will take around 4-6 months depending on how smooth everything goes. So we are really sorry but we can't make a Christmas delivery happen Our blog post regarding physical editions and our two upcoming announcements will soon be finished (currently building the websites for each product)!
  2. Do you play with unlocked framerates? That said a high GPU usage is generally desirable provided that your GPU temperature isn't too high and you are not having any graphical bugs, glitches etc. I have 60% GPU while playing Sanoba myself with unlocked framerates and I have a GTX1080 TI. When I cap the framerate to 60 or 30 I drop down to 10%. But generally, a high GPU usage is a good thing because it means that your CPU isn't bottlenecking your GPU. When I play AAA titles my GPU is always at around 90-100%. But if you want to restrict your GPU usage I would suggest limiting your framerate.
  3. Neb Neb

    Anyone playing any RPGs?

    I'm currently searching for my "next" game because after playing Octopath Traveler for 5+ hours I got really bored of it and I planned to play it for some time... But your post reminds me that I still can play the Rest of Valkyria Chronicles 4~
  4. Neb Neb

    Sanoba Witch CG Unlock Fail

    Oh yeah, thanks we should also clarify that as well. I guess the installer produces a patch3 because it's the third patch... Something's not quite right there. Will look into it!
  5. Neb Neb

    Sanoba Witch CG Unlock Fail

    You only need the latest "patch.xp3" and "patch.xp3.sig" in your main installation folder. If it's called anything like "patch2.xp3" the game won't be able to locate it. It includes all the fixes that we did in the 2 earlier patches. I guess they haven't updated it so far ;x The version should be 1.23 like this
  6. Neb Neb

    Sanoba Witch CG Unlock Fail

    That issue was fixed with the latest patch! If you bought the game in our store you can download the patch under the extra downloads dropdown menu in the "My games" tab!
  7. Neb Neb

    Regular Update Schedule For Project Status

    Done. We are preparing a lengthy blogpost where we talk about multiple topics. Just takes a little bit more time... But soon!
  8. Neb Neb

    Sanoba Witch failed allocating memory for bitmaps

    We found another bug that needs to be addressed first. We will send out the newest version to all other platforms on Monday.
  9. Neb Neb

    Sanoba Witch failed allocating memory for bitmaps

    Yeah, the last update should fix that problem and also the crash that sometimes occurs. We are currently uploading everything to our store so it will be live later today.
  10. Neb Neb

    More announcements this year ?

    We will see about that. But we will definitely announce two more titles in the coming weeks and before the year ends
  11. We were able to locate the problem and the fix will be live tomorrow probably
  12. Well I mean it's good that it's not a serious problem but I don't like bugs in my games. And a bug that crashes the game is still pretty serious in my eyes even if it can be prevented I will try to reproduce the bug and see why it happens
  13. What lines does it happen on? Do you have a screenshot? Sounds like a corrupted savefile/cloudsave to me
  14. Neb Neb

    More VN this year?

    We still plan to release "Hello, goodbye" this year but we first have to see how the progress is coming along. Maybe we have to release it in January 2019 if we still need some time.
  15. Neb Neb

    Scene freezing on Sabbat's Windowed mode

    Hum... Yeah that's really strange I now also tried with different kind of games and can't reproduce the bug...And your system really should be good enough for both games to handle. But like you said I guess it's a thing that happens only with World of Tanks? I'm really sorry I can't be of any more help
  16. Neb Neb

    Sanoba Witch failed allocating memory for bitmaps

    Yeah it's pretty frustrating. A lot of VNs using this engine have the problem and somehow the devs aren't able to fix it ;o
  17. Neb Neb

    Sanoba Witch failed allocating memory for bitmaps

    Yes that's a bug that was also in the original JP release and Yuzusoft couldn't fix it until now. Sadly we weren't able to fix it either It happens on some systems but shouldn't be a critical bug but yeah I can see why it breaks the immersion sometimes. ;x
  18. Neb Neb

    Scene freezing on Sabbat's Windowed mode

    Hmm we will look into it. I couldn't reproduce the bug on the spot right now. Is your CPU maybe maxed out while playing both games?
  19. We are also trying to contact Avast now so they can whitelist the executable
  20. Hm... Yeah as you may have noticed there is a problem with avast... Some users were able to disable avast for a short time to DL and start the game though. Let us know if you had any success
  21. Neb Neb

    Sanoba Witch Installation Problem

    Alright, I hope you will have fun with the game!
  22. Neb Neb

    Sanoba Witch Installation Problem

    Yeah, that is indeed weird. Is it possible the download was corrupted because avast stopped the download? Where did you buy the game?
  23. Neb Neb


    That means a lot for us! I hope you're having a great time with it
  24. Neb Neb

    Sanoba Witch Installation Problem

    Yeah, we get reports that avast is identifying it as a false positive... It should work once you disable avast for a short time
  25. Neb Neb

    Antivirus detecting Sanoba Witch as Malware

    Ah okay... I don't think we can fix that issue Avast has with the exe... I hope that not more people are affected by it