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  1. Neb Neb

    Fureraba After Story Access Problems

    Saves.zip Could you try to download these saves and use them for your game? It fixed the problems for some with this issue. Also moving the Fureraba game folder between Harddrives helped some people. If you can't DL these saves from here just send me a PM.
  2. Neb Neb

    Fureraba After Story Access Problems

    Could you maybe use these save files and then try again to start a new game and see if the after stories menu comes up? SavesFureraba.rar
  3. Neb Neb

    Fureraba After Story Access Problems

    Yeah the overwrite I think is only for manually patched versions. With a freshly downloaded copy on Steam I won't get the overwrite prompt as well. But after picking a name in new game I get the DLC menu ;x Will ask the others what may be the cause for this
  4. Neb Neb

    Fureraba After Story Access Problems

    The After Stories option comes up after "starting a new game" so maybe it's hiding from you? I tried to do the merging multiple times now in different ways and with different versions and all worked for me Or did you resolve that issue already?
  5. Yeah we are thinking about how we want to remodel our mainpage right now and yeah a twitter feed is definitly one of the things that's missing. We are actually working on that right now and try to come up with logo so... soon!
  6. Neb Neb

    Hello,good-bye no audio

    Well, that's good to hear and now we have a little bit of info on that issue. Thanks!
  7. Neb Neb

    Fureraba After Story Access Problems

    Hmm I asked around and that shouldn't happen You should be able to access the After stories even with a fresh copy of Fureraba. Could you try the merging process again and if that doesn't work maybe try to download Fureraba clean again
  8. Neb Neb

    Hello,good-bye no audio

    Hm, that's the first time we've heard about that issue. We will look into it of course. Maybe you could try to reinstall the game to see if that fixes the problem.
  9. Neb Neb

    Hello,good-bye buggy?

    Hey! Good to hear that you already found a fix yourself!
  10. Neb Neb

    Regular Update Schedule For Project Status

    Okay done!
  11. Neb Neb

    Regular Update Schedule For Project Status

    Don't worry I will try to gather the percentages on our ongoing projects until Sunday!
  12. Neb Neb

    Fureraba fandisk release date?

    The fandisk is fully translated and edited! We had our first QA pass and will start the second one shortly. We don't have an exact date for the release yet but it will be ... soon...™
  13. Neb Neb

    Hello Goodbye Fullscreen?

    I'm not sure right now but I think it doesn't have a "real fullscreen option". The next best thing you can use is the Maximize window function I guess EDIT: FOR A REAL FULLSCREEN YOU JUST HAVE TO PRESS ALT+ENTER!
  14. Yes, we plan to translate the Fandisc as well!