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  1. Neb Neb

    I miss you guys ç_ç

    Yeah, the forum is pretty much dead these days because of discord. If you haven't yet you can join us of course on discord
  2. Hey again! It looks like you only have 1GB VRAM and that's a bit low for long sessions of 1440p assets Where did you buy your game? Steam or an 18+ version from a different store? We added a quick fix to the Steam version so if you bought it there you can try if it fixes your problem!
  3. Hey! Thanks for those. We will look into it!
  4. Neb Neb

    Aokana v1.1 Black Screen

    Hey! That's good to hear that is works now!
  5. Neb Neb

    Typos in Aokana - Four Rhythms Across the Blue

    Thanks for posting these! Will forward these to our editors
  6. Neb Neb

    Attempting to run Aokana brings me to Steam page

    And also, did you try to apply the 18+ patch to the game? The patch is only meant for the Steam version of the game.
  7. Neb Neb

    Black screen when the game starts

    Hey! Are you using a VM to play Aokana? If yes we are aware of that problem and are currently looking into it.
  8. Neb Neb

    Attempting to run Aokana brings me to Steam page

    We updated the JAST installer, so could you try to redownload the game from them and see if you still have the problem?
  9. Hey! Sadly we didn't get the rights for the Sankaku Soundtrack so you would have to buy that on one of the Japanese sites yourself And yeah no sadly Sankaku didn't receive any fandiscs or afterstories. Those other CGs you saw might just be some CGs that were only used for ads.
  10. We are reading everything here. Just not as frequent as a year ago because most of the action is now on our discord channel! And of course, we can't/won't comment on every single request regarding new titles. We treat this section of the forum more like a "poll" where we can see and watch how much interest in different titles there are and then decide if we want to look into licensing them!
  11. That sounds really weird and shouldn't happen Maybe you could try to redownload the game/patch and try it again? Maybe something happened while replacing game files with the patch files
  12. Neb Neb

    Performance in Sankaku Ren'ai

    Yeah we looked into it but the problem is caused by the old engine the original game is based on and we don't have the knowledge or ressources to fix it. I'm really sorry for that
  13. Neb Neb

    Typos in Sankaku Renai: Love Triangle Trouble

    Thank you again and I'm happy to hear that you liked the game! Will notify our programmer regarding the Screenshot function!
  14. Neb Neb

    Performance in Sankaku Ren'ai

    Hmm that is indeed strange. And yeah a lot of the original Japanese versions have these CPU usage issues. A lot of them use the same engines. I will forward this info to our programmers and they will look into it. I hope it doesn't impact your playthrough that much
  15. Neb Neb

    Performance in Sankaku Ren'ai

    Yup thanks, we know about this issue and are investigating it but the problem stems from the older engine of the base game that was used. Maybe the same fix that worked for Sanoba works for Sankaku, where you limit the fps the application