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  1. Neb Neb

    Nekonyan release schedule

    Where did you read that Hello Lady will be out Winter 2018? Maybe you mistook it for Hello Goodbye? In our FAQ for Hello Lady we have the estimated release for Q2 2019. That aside we are confident in our release schedule. So far the only hiccup was our disappearing translator for Hello Goodbye and that shouldn't be happening again. But I guess everything could be possible ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Yes, that was our intention
  3. Yes exactly, the physical release will be after the digital release because we still had to sort things out with Yuzusoft and other parties. We will inform you about how we want to handle it sometime soon.
  4. Hey guys, as you may have already heard or read in our latest tweets we decided against a preorder option. The wallpapers we already prepared as an incentive will be downloadable from here. 90% of them are lewd (NSFW) so yeah you have been warned ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) It's a small collection of desktop and mobile background in various formats. Desktop_Wallpaper.zip Mobile_Wallpaper.zip
  5. Neb Neb

    Tayutama 2?

    The TL is definitely not canceled. Hikari Field sent us some snippets some time ago from their new translation team for us to go through and judge the quality and ask for improvements. But overall it will depend on Hikari Field if or when they will announce something regarding Tayutama2 in the future.
  6. Neb Neb

    Tayutama 2?

    Sadly we can't give you any information on that matter right now, just that we are in a dialogue with them about the English TL. EDIT: Just for clarification - the TL itself isn't handled by us, but we might help them polish the quality if necessary. Either way, we're still discussing the details and nothing has been decided yet.
  7. We can't say for sure. It's just what we've been told so far. We will definitely let you guys know the moment we know the details!
  8. Sadly we don't have a rough estimate right now. We are still waiting for the feedback from Yuzusoft about what physical goodies they still have the data for. We will definitely let you know as soon as we can make a rough estimate for the cost!
  9. Neb Neb

    Any news on the Fureraba fan disc?

    We are currently in the last phase of Sanoba translation check and QA and we will start with the FD right after! We haven't decided on a release date yet but it should be released shortly after Sanoba.
  10. Neb Neb

    August announcements!

    No one got my hint though The chicken icon for the Feedback forum is from Aokana same as the off-topic discussion icon is from Hello Lady!
  11. Neb Neb

    LOCALISATION REQUEST- Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm

  12. AUGUST ANNOUNCEMENTS SECOND IMPACT Yes, it's happening. We're both proud and excited to announce that the long-awaited Aokana is finally heading to the West, as well as China through our partner Hikari Field. It's a license we have been fighting to get our hands on ever since NekoNyan was founded, so it feels great that all the hard work that has gone into it has paid off. To not betray the trust Sprite has placed in us, and to live up to all of your expectations, we're going to work hard to achieve the highest quality possible. Check out the amazing opening and know that this game has a total of three openings. We're going to release the other openings over the course of the following months. In a world where flying through the sky is as simple as riding a bicycle, the sport "Flying Circus" is all the rage. Following the discovery of anti-gravitons, special shoes that allow an individual to fly, Anti-Graviton Shoes, took the world by storm. And with the Grav Shoes came an entire new world for people to explore. Not long after, that revolution in technology gave birth to a brand new sport, Flying Circus, which used the shoes to make players compete in the open sky. Masaya Hinata, who was once considered a prodigy, turned his back on Flying Circus after suffering a crushing defeat, although there was also another reason... However, his former passion is reignited while teaching the new transfer student, Asuka Kurashina, how to fly. This time, Masaya chooses to enter the world of Flying Circus not as a player, but a coach. Sometimes fighting, and at other times encouraging each other, he and his team decide to challenge the top student athletes in Japan. Now, with Asuka by his side, how high will he be able to fly? This is a love story about those who met through the sky, as well as the friends who surround them. Just like we did it with the Hello Lady announcement, here are some important keynotes: Summer 2019 Release PC release based on the console version 18+ Patch for the Steam version ENG/CH language option This game has an adorable kitten that is waiting to get adopted If you want to find out more about Aokana, check out the official English website. We're also going to update the website with additional information, such as all the details regarding how Flying Circus, the sport Aokana is revolving around, works, and more. Also, since we know that many of you were looking forward to some of the games of studios we had already been working with and we don't want you to feel disappointed, we'll let you know that there are going to be more announcements later this year after Sabbat of the Witch has been released. I mean, with our two super secret projects revealed now, we obviously need two new super secret projects to take their place to keep all of you excited!
  13. Neb Neb

    Request for Hello Lady!

  14. Hey everyone! You can use this thread to discuss our August announcements