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  1. Aialize

    Secret Project #1 - The title is~~~

    Yay~ I got it right~ Clover Days~~ also looking forward to Astral Air since the fan TL is also @ 100%
  2. This is my some sort of first guess(es) about the title of the Secret Project #1.... Astral Air - Is the first thing that comes into my mind since it was announced. I think it was last year since I read some sort of article that the former "Shinku Translation" joined/created this NekoNyanSoft. So here I am still hoping that he/she really finish project, I still remember those time when he posted translation status about wanting to contribute to the community he belongs to~ Clover Day's - Again~ back those time there where several titles back then linked to each other as if they were from the same group. The one who's working this project is the group called "Yakosoku Translation". There were three(3) titles linked/connected in "Shinku-Translation" back then the two titles stated above and the other one is "Irotoridori no Sekai". Well its just my guesses~ I hope I get it right, maybe both huehue... I wonder what's your guess(es) in regards of the titles under the mystery called "Secret Projects".
  3. Aialize

    Fureraba release

    uhmmm I'd like to ask about the "Shop" I'd like to order Deluxe Edition and I tried to fill up the form and it seems like a "Cash on Delivery" setup(There's no mode of payment like Visa/Paypal)... does this mean someone will gonna come in my given address so that I can DL the Deluxe set in the Shop or it's already a physical release? *quite confuse*
  4. ne ne~~ did you all notice? if when you speak fast and laud "Sonoba Witch" sometime it becomes Son of a Bitch hehe
  5. Fureraba and Sankaku Ren'ai <3
  6. Aialize

    Fureraba release

    when'll be available(pre-order) @ steam? is there a physical release? daki's and other stuff when'll they be available for purchase?
  7. Aialize

    What are you listening to?

    Last album they released 2015/2016 (The story of the 3rd Witch[Mericlebelle] and the 4th Witch [Riflydia] ) Still waiting for the 5th witch [Anastasia] is the name~ *probably*
  8. Aialize

    What are you listening to?

    All discography of the circle "Shojou Byou" coz all of their albums defines the word "Despair" BTW their tracks is some kind of the story line of a world called "Seksalis", revoles around the 5 Witches. more info ---> http://seksalis.tumblr.com/story here are some preview of all of their discography tracks (first to latest album)~ what I like the most is form the album 残響レギオン, [ZANKYOU LEGION ] starting @ 1:12:03 till 1:28:44
  9. Playing MAHJONG during lunch break~~ *SAKI feels~*


    Baiman TSUMO!.png

  10. Aialize

    Please take care of me~

    Hi guys Aialize here~ It's all started way back 2012(my 2nd yr HS) when I got into VN's stuffs after i stumble an ads of 'Rewrite' and it piques my curiosity, I thought it was an anime that's why I learned the existence of VN's. Though sadly Rewrite ENG isn't available at that time that's when I played my very first VN 'Shuffle!' Back then I played several titles such as LB, HoshiMemo, Kamidori, DearDrops, OsaDai etc. VN's is also the reason why I studied my degree today (I.T) coz I thought if I can learn to write programs I can be able to TL and make patches for some unTLed VN's~; but sadly realty is too harsh~ Right after I finished my degree I got little to no time to play VN's as I become an I.T Head of a certain I.T company. *sigh~ That's why it's good to know that there's group of people out there doing the things I failed to do~ Hoping #NekoNyan will remain resilient in every projects they have coz I know the experience of working into a group projects (specially digital projects and separate workplaces). Communication of every member is the key to accomplish the project in this field~ I'm gonna end my introduction and greetings to you guys~ I hope when you gonna plan to have physical release, please reserved me for every piece of product you have (w/ shipment overseas) of course I gonna play for it~. I'll gonna support you guys in every release you have so "GOOD LUCK!!!"
  11. Aialize


    Though underrated but I prefer 'Saki' and 'Girls und Panzer'
  12. Aialize

    What are you playing?

    "A Sky Full of Stars" Though I forgot that I bought this game last Dec. I've started playing this game the night after I went hiking as I gaze upon the clear night sky in the country side far away from lights pollution in the main cities.